BEST Direct Sales software

Best Direct sales software is an innovative tool specially designed to function and manage all the operations of direct sales network marketing. It provides various tools to support numerous strategies of direct selling including, order processing, inventory management, and other factors. This software allows the users to access to the direct selling platform from anywhere with a mere internet connection. It helps companies to automate their business operations.

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What is a Direct sale MLM plan?

A direct sale multi-level marketing plan is a compensation plan used by specified structures to build a network in MLM companies. The distributors in Direct sale MLM marketing are compensated for their sales as well as the sale of their downline distributors. 

How does it work?

The multi-tiered marketing plan works by selling the products. The organization initially sponsors distributors to sell their product or service. As individuals join as independent distributors by purchasing a starter kit, where they are provided with multiple samples, marketing materials, training, and support. Distributors can sell the product or services through various methods to earn commissions and bonuses. They are also mandated to build a downline network by recruiting more distributors into the network.

The distributors also earn a percentage of commissions from their downline distributors, which the downline distributors are encouraged to recruit and sponsor new distributors into the MLM network. This cycle continues as the depth of the network grows. The MLM companies pay commissions upon achieving the target set by the company themselves.

What are the features of Best Direct Sale MLM software?

Best Direct Sale MLM software automates all the features using innovative tools to enhance the functioning of the Direct Sale MLM network marketing. Here are some of the features given below:

  • Distributor Management – The software allows the company to manage its network of distributors. It helps to track all the records of users and provide necessary resources upon requirement. This assists the organization to identify potential distributors within the network.
  • Inventory Management – This software eases the management of the inventory by showcasing the available unit of products in the system without the need to physically check the inventory. This feature also displays the available inventory along with prices to the customers and distributors.
  • Order handling – The software allows the distributors and customers to process the orders. This feature takes the individuals through step by step to complete the purchasing process. The software provides data on the order ID, tracking, payment processing, and many others.
  • Analysis and reporting – The reporting tools in the software help the administrators and distributors gain insights into the performance of the distributors as well the overall growth of the company.


  • Best Direct Sale software helps to automate all the functionalities which reduces manual errors occurring while managing the operations such as tracking sales, compensation calculations, and many others. Automation helps to improve the overall efficiency of the business model.
  • It is integrated with real-time analytics that helps the distributors to analyze the real-time performance and activities of the distributors.
  • The software also offers multiple customized websites for sale pages, order pages, performance reports and others.