Australian X-up Plan Software 

Australian X-up Plan software is a powerful web-based application to operate one of the best multi-marketing models. This program is designed to maintain the effective working of the Australian X-up multi-marketing plan by tracking downline sales and upline commissions of the business plan. It also records the details of the members and their performance in the network. The software itself analyses the progress of the members and rewards them according to their performance.

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What is the Australian X-up Plan?

Australian X-up plan is a multi-level marketing plan where the distributors pass the ‘x’ number of sales to their upline. The ‘x’ in this business model refers to the number of times the sale of the distributor is passed to the upline. This plan helps the members in the upline earn generous profits when downline members earn sales. The members in the upline can receive wonderful benefits through the sales from their downline members.

How does it work?

The Australian X-up plan works by passing up the efforts of the distributor to the upline sponsor. That is, when a member reaches an x number of targets then the respective sale is earned by his/her sponsor. For example, consider an Australian 2-up plan. This is when a distributor recruits two members to the team. Then, the bonus of the sale is passed on to their sponsor. The distributor only receives the bonus when a third person joins. Similarly, in an Australian 3-up plan, the sponsor receives a bonus for the recruitment of the first three people. This process is further continued to the downline members of the distributor in the Australian X-up plan.

How is compensation in the Australian X-up plan?

The Australian X-up plan includes several methods of earnings such as bonuses and commissions. This plan highly recognizes the performance of the downline members and encourages the recruitment of more members to generate potentially high income.

  • Upline commission: This plan is perfect to attract generous incomes. The top-level members in this plan can generate hefty income through the initial sales of their respective downline members. This also motivates the distributors to recruit more members to earn from their downline sales.
  • Fast-start bonus: If a target is reached within a specified time. Then the software is designed with a fixed algorithm to reward a specified amount of reward for tremendous efforts.
  • Rank advancement bonus: A bonus can be achieved when a member gets promoted to a higher level where he/she will also receive greater returns than the previous position.
  • Sponsor bonus: The initial sponsor bonus is directly passed to the upline sponsor. A distributor is entitled to earn the sponsor bonus only after the completion of the ‘x’ level.


  • This business model has a large potential for growth considering there is no defined structure as the network can be built to the nth level in depth. It is up to the organization to form the required level of design.
  • Multiple tasks and objectives can be added for the distributors to encourage them to receive additional bonuses in the Australian X-up plan structure.