Hybrid MLM Software

Hybrid MLM software is a digital platform that specializes in customizing and implementing unique strategies to the marketing network. The software has the ability to effectively combine two MLM businesses into one to maximize the potential and reach a wider target audience. It allows us to build the genealogy structure conveniently with the help of the databases of the profiles. Hybrid MLM software is implemented with cutting-edge technologies to track and record activities in the network as well as incorporated with an engine that supports automated payouts.

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What is Hybrid MLM Plan?

The hybrid MLM plan is a union of two or more multi-level marketing plans. MLM plans are combined to eliminate the drawbacks of existing business models. It incorporates a traditional genealogy tree with a slightly different structure and compensation methods to expand the growth of the network and maximize the sale to reach a larger audience.

How does it work?

The Hybrid MLM plan works by combining two or more MLM plans. This merging is accomplished to maintain a balance between the two different plans. Like every other MLM model, participants are requested to satisfy and meet the criteria set by the organization to receive compensation and bonuses. The compensation and bonuses can be earned through multiple sources such as referrals, team goals, direct sales, and many more.

Let us take the example of the merging of the Binary MLM plan and the Unilevel MLM plan. The genealogy tree of this hybrid plan begins with two nodes similar to the Binary plan. Instead of continuing the spillover in two nodes, the new downline is formed in a single line as in the Unilevel plan. The structure continues to grow in this way and all the downline members are prioritized. The hybrid plan eliminates characteristics of unilevel plans getting wider and implements more depth to the network.

How is the commission distributed?

The compensation structure of a Hybrid Plan follows aspects of the two existing MLM plans. It is based on the goals and objectives set by the organization. The key factor of a Hybrid plan is it has numerous ways of income distribution. The payout mechanism varies from one organization to another. However, some basic strategies that are implemented by every organization are sales volume and requirements or referrals of new distributors. The other revenue options can be performance-based incentives, pool bonuses, and many others

  • Sales commission: A percentage of the commission is received from the total generation of the sale volume by selling the product to the customers.
  • Recruitment commission: When a new distributor is recruited, a percentage of the commission is rewarded for the efforts. This beings spirit and enthusiasm for other members to bring in more members.
  • Fast bonus: This bonus is awarded to the members of the network for their struggles to complete the given objectives within a limited timeframe. This is done to boost the sales volume of the network to meet the targets. Generally, this bonus is offered to new members.
  • Custom bonus: Since objectives are customized in the combined plans, the admin can create strategic bonuses to reward the members according to the combined MLM plans.


  • The limitations of the existing can be eliminated by combinations of the two MLM plans.
  • Multiple sources of income can be received due to numerous objectives implemented in the combined MLM business model.
  • It will help to balance structure and model by implementing more scalability and flexible customization in the design.
  • The Hybrid Plan motivates and encourages all members of the network to build the team and achieve outcomes.