Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of BEST MLM plan software?

BEST MLM plan software is in-built with a plethora of features such as profile management, compensation plan management, commission calculation, and many others. Advanced functionalities are provided to meet the plan requirements.

Is the software customizable to suit the specific requirements of the company?

Yes, the software can be customized as per the requirements of the compensation plan and policy of the organization.

Can the BEST MLM plan support multiple compensation plans?

BEST MLM plan is designed to support all MLM plans. For each plan, a specified software is implemented for the operation.

Can software be integrated with other types of software?

Yes, the MLM plan software can be implemented with different payment gateways, customer relationship management, and other required software.

The software follows the latest legal regulations to avoid any conflicts.

Is a mobile application available for BEST MLM software?

Yes, users can access the software through their smartphones for quick purposes. 

Can the software handle international transactions and multi-currency systems?

Yes, BEST MLM software is integrated with a multi-currency system that displays in multiple currencies according to the region selected. 

How user-friendly is the BEST MLM software interface?

It is made with the simplest technology to help users identify the features and functionalities of the operation.

Plan questions

What are the different compensations plans available?

BEST MLM plan provides access to all the compensations plan available in the network marketing. Users can opt for their desired multi-marketing scheme.

Since each plan has diverse products and services, a detailed overview of what the company offers is listed.

Is it allowed to switch between different plans?

Yes, users can switch between different plans as per the policies of the company. Our software support switching by keeping the existing data.

How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid as per the compensation plan structure and predetermined compensation policies directed by the organization.

How is sales volume calculated?

Sales volume is calculated with the help of reports. Sales volume is the number of products or sales generated by a distributor.

Yes, all the MLM plans comply with legal requirements. All the products and services we offer are in terms of the country’s regulations.

Do I have to pay any registration fee to enroll?

Yes, almost every MLM plan has a registration fee. However, the registration may vary from one organization to another. 

How much can I earn from MLM plans?

One can have a high potential of earning from MLM plans, considering the numerous ways of earning and growth of the network.

Functional questions?

Does BEST MLM software support multiple functions?

BEST MLM software is designed to support all the operations including, commission distribution, payment processing, genealogy tree, and many others.

Can I add customized functions to support MLM plans?

Yes, MLM plans can be customized as per the policies of the organization and the structure of the MLM plan.

How much efficient is BEST MLM software?

It is designed with cutting-edge technology to provide flawless operation to the users.

Does it fix bugs and errors automatically with updates?

The software update comes with additional improvements that could eliminate the existing bugs and errors.

How often will I receive updates?

An exact time frame cannot be estimated for the updates. The developers redesign as per the nature and amount of bugs available in the software. 

How do you provide a response to customer feedback?

Our platform responds to feedback by improving the functions to meet the concerns of the customers. 

Is there customer support available?

Any individual can reach customer support to seek any kind of assistance. Our customer support service is well-trained to ease your efforts.

Does this support digital payment?

Yes, BEST MLM plan software is integrated with e-wallet and e-payment features for customers and distributors to handle online payment.

Security questions?

Are my data and personal information protected?

Yes, the software is incorporated with a secured firewall to protect all the information.

How secure is the payment gateway?

It is protected with robust encryption. All the information about payment is encrypted within the software and organization.

Does BEST MLM support GDPR standards for the customer?

BEST MLM software hails with GDPR by following all the European standards.

Does it support two-factor authentication?

Yes, it is layered with the additional security of two-factor authentication to ensure that the real owner is using the account by verifying the OTP on mobile or other methods.

Do you provide KYC authentication tools?

Yes, to avoid any form of fraud activities our clients are required to undergo KYC authentication. 

What provisions are in place for regular backups and disaster recovery?

The software follows regular backup by storing all the information which helps to restore in case of deletion or any cyber attack. This helps to reclaim any lost data.

Are there policies to address grievances, disputes, or unethical behavior?

Customers can reach the grievance address portal to report any kind of fraudulent activity.