Matrix Plan MLM software

Matrix MLM Plan software is a type of Multi-level marketing software designed to manage the Matrix compensation in multi-level marketing. This software automates and handles the activities of a Matrix-based MLM business model. Matrix MLM software is designed to manage operations such as Matrix configuration, track and record profiles, structure representation, and other elements

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What is the Matrix MLM Plan?

The Matrix MLM business model is a forced structure. In this plan, only a limited number of members can partake. The model organizes distributors in a fixed depth and length matrix structure, for example, a 3*2 matrix, where 3 represents the width and 2 represents the depth of the structure. This structure defines a pyramid model, where members are positioned into a fixed number of rows and columns. The matrix structure is completed when all the members are recruited.

How does Matrix MLM Plan work?

The Matrix MLM plan works by fulfilling the fixed-width matrix structure. This plan has a limited number of distributors and frontline recruiters. Since its width is limited, distributors can keep recruiting more members in the downline. With the addition of each recruiter to the matrix, every frontline distributor and member in the matrix plan gets a commission. The joining of a new distributor to the matrix is placed in a specific position determined by the rule. The common method of placing from left to right and up to down. If the frontline position is filled, then the distributors can additionally add recruits and place them in the downline of an existing frontline member in their organization. This method is called “spillover”, which is done to assist the distributors in the downline to fill their matrix position.

How is the commission reimbursed?

Distributors in a Matrix-based MLM business model can earn commissions, bonuses, and other benefits through multiple factors. These factors include direct commission, which is directly generated from the sales volume of the distributors as well as recruiters. The other methods of earnings are below:

  • Level commission: A distributor can earn a percentage of commission when a recruiter joins the network. This earning continues as the members resume joining the vacant position in the network until the Matrix is completed.
  • Matrix completion bonus: When the entire Matrix is completed all the distributors are paid a fixed amount of commission.
  • Matching bonus: The upline distributors can earn a bonus when their downline members earn a commission when new recruits are joined in the structure.

The other ways of earning bonuses are Sponsor bonuses, Position bonuses, and Level completion bonuses.


  • It has the potential for higher earnings. This plan offers higher opportunities for compensation for distributors who are able to recruit a large number of frontline numbers.
  • The balanced matrix structure also promotes balanced growth. It helps to ensure that business is sustainable over the long run.
  • This matrix plan encourages teamwork and collaboration among distributors. The whole members in the matrix focus on achieving the same goal.
  • This plan allows you to fill a position if a distributor or sponsor decides to drop out. A hole in the matrix can cause an imbalance in the network. Therefore, position compression allows the admin to fill the hole by pulling a downline member to that position. The empty spot can be filled by a new recruiter.