Single-Leg MLM Software

Single-Leg MLM software is a web-based application designed to support and operate all the functions in the Single-Leg MLM business. This network marketing software supports a compensation plan where all the distributors are arranged in a single-line queue. It helps to develop a genealogy tree with precise positioning of the members in the network. This Single-Leg MLM software provides the necessary tools and functionalities to assist in managing all operations in this multi-level marketing plan.

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What is a Single-Leg MLM plan?

Unlike other traditional multi-marketing plans, the Single-Leg MLM plan focuses on building a single line of downline members in a straight downline structure, which means all the members in the network will have the same sponsor. Single-Leg MLM plans can be incorporated into binary or matrix plans to further enhance the growth of the network and sale volume.

How does it work?

In a Single-Leg plan, there is no restriction on the number of recruiting members in the network as there is no fixed number of levels specified in the business model. Although, the positioning of the members in a Single-Leg plan operates in a first come first serve technique. This means the recruits are positioned as per their time of joining the network.  

The distributors in the Single-Leg plan earn whenever a new member enters the network. In addition, this Single-Leg plan provides numerous bonuses and incentives upon reaching the target. These targets vary from one MLM company to another.

What are the features of Single-Leg MLM Plan software?

Repurchase MLM software has plenty of operations to be taken care of. With this software, all the operations of this business model can be run smoothly and effectively. It is designed to ease all the complex functionalities in the business model.

  • Member management – Recruitment of participants in Single-leg MLM is based on the timing. The software is specialized with time-tracking tools which easily recognize the login timing of the participants to provide the first available position. The software also operates the registration, and profile management of the distributors.
  • Genealogy structure – The software provides a visualization of the single-line structure of the participants enlisted in the network. It displays the view of the downline growth and assists in tracking the performance of the downline distributors.
  • Compensation calculation – This software helps to calculate the precise compensation that is to be awarded to the distributors based on their performance. It is calculated by tracking the performance in the downline and individual sales volume. Moreover, it assists in providing bonuses and incentives as per the company’s policies.
  • Commissions and payouts – The calculated commissions are paid out automatically using innovative tools. This helps to avoid delays in payments to the distributors. Moreover, the payment gateways are strictly secured.


  • This Single-Leg plan has a high potential for income considering the unlimited depth of the downline distributors. Since there is no restriction, any number of members can be recruited. Increasing the number of members leads to rapid growth in sales and networks.
  • The software has real-time supporting tools to assist in registering new members to the downline network as per their timing. The system serves the registration on a first come first serve basis.
  • All the performance data and information are evaluated by the software to understand the comprehensive performance of the MLM business. With the help of these data, commissions, bonuses, and incentives are evaluated. This data can also be used by the distributor to monitor their performance.