Generation Plan MLM Software

Generation MLM Plan software is a digital application designed to build and manage multi-level marketing based on Generation Plan. This platform offers advanced tools and features to customize and operate this MLM business plan. It allows monitoring and operating generation tracking, real-time business, error-free compensation, and many other features. This digital platform supports efficient marketing techniques in the business field.

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What is the Generation MLM Plan?

Generation MLM plan is somewhat similar to the unilevel MLM business model except this business plan has multiple generations. A generation plan has a single level of downline customers for the distributor. Each distributor has his/her own customers. The genealogy tree of the generation plan consists of multiple levels of generation with a similar model of the network. This plan provides retail bonuses and commissions from the efforts of the whole distributor.

How does it work?

In this Generation compensation plan, all the customers and referrals are placed in a single business level. Among these customers, if one decides to become a distributor then he/she can form a new generation and recruit the members. This process is continued by forming additional generations. As the downline of the generation grows, commissions and bonuses are distributed among all the generations – allowing distributors to make an earning from the efforts of the entire network.

For example, distributor X started to sell products and recruited customers. When a customer finds the product worthy of selling then they will be sponsored under distributor X as a second generation distributor. The first-generation distributor continues the same recruiting process and continues building the generations.

How is the commission distributed?

The commission and bonuses can be earned by achieving multiple objectives. A percentage of the commission is then distributed throughout the generations. This percentage decreases as the generation grows. If the rate of commission for first generations is 10%, then the rest of the generation will receive 7%, and this decline in percentage will continue respectively.

  • Generation commission: This is the key earning for the distributors in the Generation MLM plan. The distributors receive a percentage of the commission from the generated sales volume and performances from the downline generation.
  • Referral commission: Distributors can earn a certain percentage of commission by referring a new member to the generation tree.
  • Team sale bonus: commission can be earned when a team achieves a specific target. This helps the team to stay motivated and continue meeting the objectives.
  • Leadership bonuses: This bonus can be achieved by sponsors and distributors for their leadership qualities distributors who meet exceptional leadership ranks and certain criteria are eligible to receive this bonus.


  • This plan can follow a generation-driven plan without promotional activities.
  • The increase in the generation will help to increase the income even though commission rates decrease. The larger group will generate more sales volume.
  • The business model has multiple achievements and bonuses, which motivates the distributors to complete the tasks and rank up to receive bonuses.
  • This plan maximizes the measures of the distributors by providing more collection of products to sell allowing them to produce sales more conveniently.