Australian Binary MLM Plan Software

Australian Binary Plan MLM Software is an advanced web-based application specially customized for maintaining and automating the Australian Binary Plan MLM. The software is equipped with multiple features to automate the business process. It helps to construct a genealogy tree, manage profiles, analyze the team and network, and many more. This productive application helps to foresee the future of the business progress and predict multiple outcomes.

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What is the Australian Binary plan?

There are many complex difficulties when planning out a binary or tri-binary plan. These complex problems are handpicked and filtered out with slight changes in the business model. This newly formed model is known as the Australian Binary Plan. The Australian Binary plan is considered one of the most simple and easy-to-understand methods in the multi-level marketing business.

How does it work?

Usually, the American binary plan is two legs. In the Australian binary plan, it has an additional leg in the genealogy structure. This plan is similar to the tri-binary plan, but pair matching is not required in the Australian binary plan for compensation. Three down-child members are required under one introducer parent in this plan.

In this plan, one associate needs to recruit new members to the left or right side of the network, similar to a binary plan. In addition, it also requires a third leg to build down the line where no matching is required for compensation. It works by third-leg team effort where the upline member is compensated and boosts the growth of the network. This additional leg allows the members of the network to receive compensation more conveniently by improving the compensation structure.

Compensation plans in the Australian Binary plan

The Australian binary plan is the easiest way to earn quick money. Since the Australian binary plan is similar to the tri-binary plan it also distributes similar ways of compensation to its members. The Australian binary plan has quick commission generation in the network.

  • Direct Sale commission: Members can earn direct commission from the sale made by recruiting members personally or by selling the product.
  • Binary commission: A percentage of commission can be earned from the entire sale volume of the network. It is paid in the difference in sales volume between the two legs.
  • Extra-leg commission: The upline distributors are entitled to earn an extra percentage of income through the efforts of the recruiters in the third leg.
  • Sponsor Bonus: A sponsor can earn a percentage of commission from the sale package his/her recruiter chooses to join the network.


  • The third leg in the tree provides an extra opportunity to increase the potential outcome from the Australian binary plan.
  • The upline members in the network can earn generous income from the efforts of the downline members.
  • The plan is easy to explain and understand – allowing anyone to learn about the multi-level marketing business and apply their knowledge to earn potential income.
  • The width of the plan can be extended by the admin as per the compensation plan.
  • The upline members can invest most of their time into the development of their downline members as the entire sale volume is dependent on the downline members.