Broad Plan MLM Software

Best MLM Board Plan software is a leading provider of multi-level marketing-focused comprehensive solutions. With Broad Plan MLM software, you can easily manage and track the members, commissions, payouts, bonuses, and other important metrics. This software is reliable and efficiently manages Broad Plan MLM network marketing. It also offers flexible and extensive solutions to compensation structures within the Broad MLM plan.

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What is the Broad MLM Plan?

Broad MLM Plan is a multi-marketing compensation structure business model where distributors are placed in a board of matrix. This is also known as the revolving Matrix plan or Matrix Cycle Plan. It is similar to the matrix structure plan except this plan includes a group of matrices of distributors within the network. The number of boards and structures can vary depending on company requirements. When all the positions are filled on the board it splits into two sub-boards and the top members of the board are promoted to a higher Board with rewards and bonuses.

How does it work?

The board MLM plan usually starts with a 2*2 Matrix. Once you join the board, you will be allotted a few positions to be filled in with new associates under your join. The positions include two members in the first level and four members in the second level. A total of six people complete a full matrix. After the fulfillment of the board, you will be promoted to the next with handsome rewards and bonuses. This matrix cycle continues in the next board, where you will again fill the vacant positions with associates and move up to the higher board.

How are the commissions in the Board MLM plan?

The commission in the Board MLM plan is distributed in two ways, namely referral commission and cycle commission.

  • Referral commission: Distributors are subjected to receive commissions or other rewards for introducing new associates to the vacant position in the matrix. A certain percentage of commission is encouraged for the distributors in the matrix cycle.
  • Cycle commission: Commissions are also distributed to a participant when he/she finishes a cycle and promotes to the next level. A percentage of overall sales produced by the participants will be reimbursed to the distributors upon promotion to the next matrix cycle.

Along with payouts, the distributors can also receive leadership bonuses, sponsor bonuses, level bonuses, and Rank achievement bonuses. These bonuses motivate the partners and leaders to perform well and expand their network by recruiting more members.


  • In this multi-marketing plan, it allows us to adjust and customize the framework as per the market conditions. This allows the distributors to approach the goal efficiently.
  • It helps to grow and expands exponentially. Without compromising its integrity and efficiency, the plan can be designed to accommodate and support the growth of the business by increasing the sale volume and recurring new distributors.
  • This multi-marketing plan enables you to receive multiple streams of income with more than one commission and numerous bonuses.
  • Enlisting in a Board MLM plan contributes to the long-term sustainability of the MLM business because of its customer satisfaction, product knowledge, lasting relationships, and many others.