Binary Hybrid MLM Software 

Binary Hybrid MLM software is designed to support the combination of the two multi-level marketing plans. It supports the merging of binary and hybrid plans. These two multi-marketing plans are combined into a single software solution. It allows the MLM companies to operate and manage the sales, performance, and other activities of the employees in this multi-level marketing plan.

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What is the BInary Hybrid MLM plan?

The binary hybrid multi-marketing plan is a compensation scheme developed by combining two MLM plans, binary and hybrid. It supports hybrid compensation and other features of the binary MLM plan. The hybrid aspects come into play by integrating elements of other MLM plans into the binary structure. Although, the binary-hybrid MLM plans can vary from one organization to another.

How does it work?

The working of the hybrid plan may vary depending on the policies of the organization. In a binary plan, the recruits are sponsored in two nodes. The binary MLM plan works by continuing the recruitment of members to enhance the growth of the structure, which allows them to earn profits through commissions, bonuses, and incentives. 

In hybrid binary MLM, another multi-level marketing plan is incorporated along with a binary MLM plan. This helps to eliminate the limitations of an existing multi-marketing plan. The hybrid scheme enables other features to enhance the effectiveness of the Binary Hybrid plan. 

What are the features of the Binary Hybrid MLM software?

It provides multiple ranges of features and functionalities to ease the operations of Binary Hybrid MLM plans. It assists in managing and facilitating the functions Binary Hybrid MLM plan.

  • Genealogy viewer – The software helps to represent the graphical representation of the binary hybrid two-legged structure. This structure helps to identify and track the records of the downline distributors.
  • User management – This software is integrated with tools for managing profiles of the distributors such as registration, account management, records of performance, and many others.
  • Commission calculation – This has features to calculate the commission and bonuses as per the contribution of the distributors to the organization according to the predestined company policies. The software takes the account of sales volume, team performance, bonuses, and many others.
  • Multi-level Reporting – This is included extensive tools to provide comprehensive reporting capabilities. The software supports sales reports, performance reports, commission reports, and genealogy reports. Distributors and organizations can gain access to these reports all at one time. This helps to plan future outcomes and make productive decisions.


  • The design has the capability to support the combination of various multi-level marketing plans such as matrix, unilevel, binary and many others.
  • It allows customized compensation structures and various goals to be achieved which motivates the employees to achieve targets and built their growth.
  • The binary-hybrid plan has the ability to withhold large-scale employees. It can accommodate a growing distributor network as well as increase the sale volume.
  • Hybrid compensation schemes generate multiple income streams through various incentives, bonuses, and commissions
  • This software is designed with a user-friendly interface, easing the operations of the muti-marketing schemes.