Stair Step MLM Plan Software

Stair Step MLM software is a web-based program specially designed for managing and computing applications in a Stair Step MLM business model. This software is geared with the latest integrations to help the business model engage in coordinated network management for effective arrangement. This build-in program supports real-time commission payouts, structuring the genealogy tree, and tracking of the members in the network. It helps the distributors to track and manage their progress in the network.

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What is the Stair Step MLM plan?

The Stair Step multilevel marketing is a compensation plan used in numerous organizations. This multi-level marketing plan is also known as a breakaway plan. This plan functions on the principle of a distributor breaking away from the frontline as his/her rank is advanced. In this plan distributors are subjected to climb up the levels or “stair steps” to earn higher commissions and bonuses.

How does it work?

This business model works by advancing the ranks by completing the objectives assigned by the organization. In this plan, distributors rank up their positions to reach a certain point to earn ample commissions and bonuses in the network until they break away from the line which makes them leave their position in the business model. It works by purchasing products at a discounted price at each level and selling to the customers at the retail price until the highest rank is achieved.

After leaving the organization, the distributor is entitled to receive greater commissions by starting his own company or within the higher stages. The distributor is then added to a new tree under the admin.As we mentioned, this plan is incorporated with each step to upgrade the rank. As the higher the rank is achieved, he receives more commission or gets discounts. The distributor is required to rank up the following positions: Sales executive level, Distributor, Supervisor, Manager, and National Director to qualify for the title bonus.

How is the commission distributed?

  • Direct sales: A percentage of commission can be received by selling the product to the customers. In each stage the members in the network can purchase the product for a discounted price at level 1 for 20%, level 2 for 30%, and so on. A huge commission can be earned by strategically selling the product to the consumer.
  • Referral bonus: The distributor also receives a percentage of the bonus for adding new recruits to the network. And the distributor in the upline with a higher rank will receive an override bonus.
  • Fast bonus: A bonus can be awarded for achieving certain targets within the given timeframe.


  • This MLM plan has higher income potential considering the ranking up strategies and breaking away from the network to receive attractive incentives and bonuses.
  • The step-by-step ranking working method fuels the distributors or members with motivation and enthusiasm after completing the rank-up.
  • Its working models allow the individuals to quickly expand their growth as each distributor seeks to develop their team to complete the objectives and rank up the levels
  • The distributors can learn strong leadership skills once the highest ranks are achieved. During the top position, it is required to monitor all the activities and motivate the frontline and downline members towards success.