Helping Plan MLM software

Helping plan MLM software is a programmed application specialized in computing the tracking and recording of the activities in this multi-level marketing plan. This is fully automated with more than 100 features. This software is designed with innovative features to automate the process of compensation, member management, genealogy tree building, communication within the system, and many more.

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What is MLM Helping Plan?

It is one of the most basic and widely accepted plans among multinational cooperation. This business model is widely recognized at the international level. It is also known as the Donation MLM plan or Gift MLM plan.

MLM helping plan emerge from the idea of give and take, where multiple users donate to a respective member in the system and at the same time receive from other users within the same system. In this plan, the user provides a single donation and may receive multiple services in return.

How does it work?

The Helping plan starts working instantly after an individual joins the network. It may require you to pay a small fee to join the plan. This registration fee varies depending on the methods of the organizations. Once an individual is joined, the team is encouraged to recruit a member to the network to build the network as well as to receive sponsor bonuses. Recruiting another member may cover the registration fee. 

This plan has multiple gifting levels where one can advance these levels by exhibiting robust performance in the network. With the advancement of levels, larger gifts are expected to return by the members from the downline recruitment.  The promises of the gifts are guaranteed with continuing recruitment of the downline members.

What are multiple ways to earn in the Helping MLM plan?

  • Level advancement bonus – once you get promoted to a higher level, you will receive a fixed bonus compensated by the organization. Moreover, the higher level has more chances of receiving greater returns from vast downline recruiters.
  • Referral bonus – When a new recruiter is joined through your sponsor. A percent of the commission from the recruiter’s package will be awarded for your effort to increase the growth of the team.
  • Gift commissions – The idea of the business model is to receive gifts on a timely basis. Performing in this plan will always keep receiving gifts. There may also be chances when you receive gifts from multiple downline members.
  • Donation bonus- Some organizations may offer a piece of bonus for donating to a user in the system.


  • It has the potential for quick profits as the returns can be received on a weekly or monthly basis. The users have the flexibility to opt for the timeframe of payout. Since there is no product in this MLM, there is no other way for the commission to transcend.
  • Usually, it has a low joining fee, which allows more users to join the business model. The traditional business model provides a starter kit which is essential to start a low-cost business. 
  • It is simple to understand as it does not have complex product lines to analyze the performance or convince the buyers. The absence of inventory management encourages the participants in the recruitment process.
  • Potential for network expansion if the participants are motivated to recruit more members. This will increase the chances of receiving multiple gifts from the members.