Repurchase MLM Software

Repurchase MLM plan software refers to a powerful software solution specially designed to support and handle all the operations of the Repurchase multi-marketing business model. This software helps in automating all the functions in this MLM business including, distributor management, sales tracking, commission calculations, and many others.

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What is the Repurchase MLM plan?

A Repurchase MLM plan is a product or service-based direct marketing for the customers. The marketing technique highly relies on mouth-media advertising to reach maximum customers. The Repurchase multi-marketing business model must be implemented along with other marketing plans to boost the growth of the business as well as to receive higher income. The distributors can earn a passive income from this plan while customers purchase the products and services with complete profits

How does this business plan work?

Distributors are required to purchase a certain amount of goods or services during regular intervals at a discounted price. These purchases can be used for personal consumption or for resale to generate a steady income. Once a product is purchased the distributors are instructed to recruit more members as their downline distributors in the network. Once teh distributor meets any given target by the company he/she is entitled to earn a percentage of the commission or bonus for the effort to build the network and personal growth. This multi-level marketing plan is deal to increase the sale volume and profits. The company can grow exponentially without spending promotional expenses.

What are the features of Repurchase MLM software?

Repurchase MLM software has plenty of operations to be taken care of. With this software, all the operations of this business model can be run smoothly and effectively. It is designed to ease all the complex functionalities in the business model.

  • Product management – This software allows the distributors to manage the inventory of the products. It also helps in adding, editing, and categorizing the products. This allows the companies and distributors to display the availability of products and services to customers.
  • Repurchase tracking – The software assists in tracking the records of repurchases carried out by distributors. It records the data of product purchases, sales volume, and history of transactions. This helps the system to identify the performance of the distributors.
  • Commission calculations – Repurchsase MLM software calculates the accurate commissions and bonuses earned by the distributors by their activities in the downline as well as from product purchases
  • Online ordering – The software provides a user-friendly interface for the distributors and customers to purchase the products and services online. The online ordering assistance supports multiple modes of payment


  • This MLM plan promotes continue revenue generation as distributors regularly purchase the products or services for personal consumption or resale. 
  • It works in a balanced compensation structure where personal performance and downline activities are strictly recognized. The distributors are entitled to earn income from their own products as well as from the generated sale of their downline distributors.
  • This online software provides streamless functioning – allowing customers to easily browse the product and select the desired product or service and complete purchasing orders within a few clicks.
  • It helps to generate precise reporting of the sales for the system to calculate accurate compensation and bonuses.