Reseller MLM plan software

Reseller MLM plan software is a type of software that allows distributors and administrators in the multi-marketing business firm to effectively execute sales of the product or services of the organization. The software is integrated with innovative business tools to manage the operations of the Reseller MLM plan. It assists in handling sales, commissions, and other parameters.

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What is the Reseller MLM plan?

The reseller MLM plan is a multi-level marketing compensation plan that enables distributors to earn commissions, bonuses, and other incentives. The organization pays a generous amount of rewards for their contribution to successfully making sales of their products and services. In this plan, the resellers may recruit more members to generate more profits through commission.

How does it work?

Reseller MLM works by participants reselling the product or services to the clients or customers. The organization offers its products and services to the participants for the process of selling to their customers. This helps the company to make sales of the products and services through vast sources and individuals earn income by successfully making sales of their product and service. In this, the participants do not have to purchase the products and services from the organization. Instead, it is directly delivered to them upon joining the MLM business plan.

The process includes distributors joining the company and selecting the registration package. The package includes all the training sessions, marketing guides, and other materials. Once the training is completed, the distributor is given the opportunity to make a profit from selling the product or services. When a sale is done, the distributor earns a commission from the sale he/she made.

What are the features of Reseller MLM software?

  • Compensation MLM plan Management – The software is incorporated with multiple algorithms to support the compensation MLM plan. It allows the user to create and manage all the parameters of the compensation plan such as its structure, commission distribution, profile management, and many others.
  • User management – The software helps the users register to the platform by selecting a package offered by the organization. It also helps to manage and organize the sellers and distributors within the network.
  • Commission calculation – This software has a real-time analytics feature that allows calculating the compensation which is to be distributed to the members after analyzing their performance and other activities.
  • Integrated payment gateway – This software provides a comprehensive payment system that helps to handle all the payment transactions of the user as well as the organization. This software enables secure payment through various modes of payment options by protecting all the information of members.


  • Reseller MLM plans do not require inventory or shipping due to the nature of the service practiced in the marketing plan. This helps to reduce the cost for the management.
  • The reseller MLM plan is great potential for distributors or individuals to earn by simply gifting and receiving multiple rewards. The MLM plan also helps to grow personally by improving communication skills and enlarging the network.
  • The software supports fully automated features to function efficiently.