Forced Matrix MLM Plan Software

Forced Matrix MLM plan software is a business tool specially designed to manage and automate the operation in a matrix structured MLM compensation plan. This software has all-in-one features to effectively optimize the marketing network by producing strategical methods to keep the distributors engaged in the activities and tasks in the matrix structure. It helps to record and track the activities as well as the profile of members in the network, assists in creating a genealogy tree, and many others. 

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What is the Forced Matrix MLM plan?

A forced matrix plan consists of a forced structure of fixed width and depth. Unlike other plans, it does not contain unlimited downline or frontline members. The fixed depth and width can be made up of different parameters such as 33, 39,2*2, and many others as per the organization. In this plan, the distributors obtain commissions by numerous methods.

How does it work?

This unique plan targets building the network narrower and deeper to attract more members. This business model works by filling in the position by recruiting new members. The position in the matrix is filled in a certain way – from top to bottom and left to right. The objective of the business model is to grow the network. To explain the working let’s take an example of a 3*2 matrix. Here the width of the matrix can be filled with three members and the depth of the line will be two levels. When the three members are recruited the first level of the matrix is completed. In the second level, a total of nine members can be added based on the available position. Adding members to the second level is called a spillover Once it is completed the matrix cycle is achieved. The spillover in a forced matrix can go two ways such as where the sponsor and the parent of the downline are the same and in other cases the parent and sponsor of the downline member are different.

How is the commission distributed?

The compensation in a forced matrix plan can be earned in several ways. Distributors can earn a generous income for the efforts of the frontline members in the network.

  • Forced Matrix completion: All the members in the matrix are enlisted to receive a percentage of the commission according to their level once all the positions in the entire matrix are completed.
  • Level completion commission: A percentage of commission can be earned once a level of the tree is completed in the matrix. The percentage of the commission may vary from one level to the next.
  • Sponsor bonus: A fixed bonus is received for sponsoring new recruits to the network.
  • Matching bonus: Sponsors are entitled to earn a percentage of commission from the earnings of downline distributors.


  • This MLM business model encourages team spirit and promotes group sales. The participant in the network works to achieve the same goal. Therefore, it creates a collaborative atmosphere.
  • The fixed structure allows the members of the network to receive payouts more frequently and generate incomes more quickly.
  • Easy to understand and analyze the activity due to the closed structure and limited downlines
  • The genealogy tree in a matrix can be modified as per the organization’s preference and payment plan.