Affiliate MLM software

Affiliate MLM software is also known as Affiliate marketing MLM software, which is designed to operate, manage, and track affiliate marketing-based multi-level marketing business. This software is specialized in innovative tools for the effective functioning of affiliating marketing programs within a multi-level marketing business structure.

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What is an Affiliate MLM plan?

Affiliate marketing MLM plan is a marketing scheme that is developed to earn profit by promotion through referral links by affiliate marketers. This is a unique approach where distributors and affiliates can work in the same network. In this MLM, affiliates also earn a commission by recruitment of members. In addition, they also earn from successful referrals as well as successful sales through their sub-affiliates. This chain process continues throughout the affiliates in the network.

How does it work?

This business model works due to the contribution of both affiliates and distributors. Affiliates are joined by the MLM company to promote the products and services offered by the organization. Whereas distributors have the opportunity to sell the products and build their downline network. In this plan, individuals can join the MLM business as affiliates or distributors. Then both affiliates and distributors promote the products and services of the organization through various channels. The distributors recruit further additional members to achieve the target set by the organizations. Distributors earn commissions from the sale and referrals as well as from the sale of their downline members.

What are the features of Affiliate MLM software?

Affiliate MLM software is integrated with streamlined features to enhance the functioning of the business model. Some of the features are given below:

  • User management – This software allows the organization to track and monitor users’ profiles. It helps to manage the members, downline distributors, and their performance. This helps to create reports and calculate commissions.
  • Compensation calculation – The software is capable of recording all the performance data of the members to determine the predefined compensation plan and calculates commissions based on the sales volume, downline activity, and many other parameters.
  • Sales reporting – The software can record and evaluate all the details of the sale made by the distributors in the network. This detailed report can be further evaluated to determine the performance of the members in the business network.
  • Replicated websites – The software has the ability to provide different platforms for various members such as multiple websites for affiliates and distributors. Moreover, personalized websites can be generated for each operation such as to promote the business, showcase the products and services, track the sales, and many others.


  • This software is efficient in tracking and managing, which allows the members and administrators to facilitate effortlessly. The software centralizes all the functions for effectiveness
  • It automates all the complex compensation by simplifying and analyzing the performance records and other activities.
  • The software helps to simplify the process that enables the members to learn and work efficiently, which eventually leads to their personal growth and satisfaction.
  • This software promotes a user-friendly interface to generate high potential incomes.