E-commerce Intelligence MLM Software

E-commerce Intelligence MLM Software is a web-based module exclusively designed to manage the automation of this unique multi-level marketing plan. This well-developed tool eases complex designs and enhances functioning with the help of advanced options that escalate the growth of the multi-level marketing business model. This program helps to ease member management, calculate earnings, report and analyze sales, and many more. In other words, this tool is an all-in-one solution for the business plan.

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What is an E-commerce Intelligence MLM Plan?

We all know that MLM and e-commerce are two different businesses. In this specific business model, multi-level marketing strategies are integrated into the E-commerce model to expand the earnings and downsize the risks. This business model is a combination of E-commerce business and multi-level marketing.

How does it work?

Since it is a combination of two powerful business models, the working of the e-commerce integrated MLM can be customized as per the requirements of the organization or admin. In an e-commerce platform, goods and services are managed online to meet the demand of the customers. Whereas in an MLM business, a member is recruited and enlisted with objectives to achieve – where the sponsor of the recruiter also receives a generous amount of commission from the recruiter’s sale. 

In an e-commerce-integrated MLM system, all the selling, network management, and commission payouts are done online with the help of breakthrough software. The formation of the genealogy tree can be customized as per the requirement and implements the algorithm in the software for ease of member management in the network. 

The working of the e-commerce integrated MLM can be selling a product or service to the customers by building a team. All the members of the team are recruited on the basis of a genealogy tree – which helps to determine the compensation order.

What are the compensation methods?

The compensation structure is pretty straightforward in this business model. The members of the participants in this business plan earn money directly through modes. In addition, as per different organizations, the method income may vary with additional bonuses and rewards.

  • Direct sale income: A percentage of commission can be earned by the distributors in the network for selling the products or services. This is rewarded to boost the enthusiasm and morale of the participants to generate more sales.
  • Recruitment bonus: This bonus is for recruiting participants to the network. When a distributor is recruited to the downline, the sponsor can earn a percentage of the commission of the registration fee of the new participant as well as from his sales.


  • This business model helps to attain global reach with an all-in-one solution of product listing, shipping details, member management, track and record analysis, and many others.
  • E-commerce integrated software helps to increase sales by providing ease of development and user-friendly access to the customers and participants to manage the features.
  • It helps to reduce and eliminate unwanted expenses such as office spaces, distributing centres, and physical infrastructures. This strategic method is a cost-effective option for the business.
  • The automation streamlining efforts helps to increase the scalability and enhances comprehensive upgrades to reach more users. It also helps to reduce manual errors by calculating estimations.