Spillover Binary MLM Software

Spillover binary MLM plan is a robust software to manage and compute all the fractions in this multi-level marketing plan. It has amazing features to earn potential income by customizing the needs. This spillover plan helps you to grow your business into a large network. A spillover binary MLM plan handles all the factors including building the tree, managing members, distributing commissions, and many other factors.

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What is Spillover Binary MLM?

Spillover Binary Plan is another version of the regular binary plan. In a binary MLM plan, distributors are not allowed to recruit more than one member. However, in a spillover plan, a distributor can recruit more than one member and become a sponsor of both of them. This plan is created to end the limitations of the binary plan by adding an additional leg to the downline network. This added leg is not related to the existing left or right. Although, it will be from the same sponsor. This helps the sponsor to earn more income.

How does it work?

This multi-level marketing model, Spillover binary plan works by adding a third leg of recruiters to the forced binary plan. In a forced binary plan, a sponsor is limited in recruiting members to the network – which also limits the potential earning in a way. But this plan allows them to grow another leg to earn higher incomes. This helps to grow the network by introducing more downline members. 

Moreover, the sponsors are not limited by one or two spillovers. They can add as many as they want to the weaker sales leg to balance and ensure maximum revenue from the network. In a binary plan sponsors’ actions are limited after recruiting the first two members. The income continues to grow due to the efforts of the downline members. This changes the spillover plan by allowing sponsors to directly recruit and earn direct commissions from his/her downline member.

The Compensation Plan In Spillover MLM

Spillover MLM plan has the limitless possibility to earn commission and bonuses through extensive features. The spillover technique helps to grow the network by adding more members – who eventually contribute to the growth of the network.

  • Binary bonus: When the tree is filled with recruiting members the users earn a generous commission from the efforts known as binary bonus. This bonus can be earned weekly, or monthly as per the sales. It helps to motivate the members to continue building the network.
  • Sponsor bonus: A percentage of commission can be earned by adding members to the network. This bonus is achieved instantly when the new user completes his registration process to join the team.
  • Matching bonus: All the sponsors in the network are entitled to earn a percentage of income from the efforts of their downline members. This helps to motivate the downline members to recruit more members and become a sponsor.


  • It is relatively simple and easy to understand
  • The spillover technique helps to eliminate the barrier in a binary plan to further increase income.
  • The plan is easy to explain and understand – allowing anyone to learn about the multi-level marketing business and apply their knowledge to earn potential income.
  • It helps to increase the growth of the network as well as boost potential income by recruiting more members to the MLM plan.
  • The spillover strategy encourages the distributors to add more members to increase their revenue.