Peer-to-Peer MLM Software

Peer to Peer to MLM software is a computerized software that allows operating the function of Peer to Peer multi-level marketing. The software effectively assists in sending and receiving gifts from the distributors in the network. The software computes the sale volume and generates reports of the performance and commission of the members. It is an effective tool for the company to use to execute functions in a Peer-to-Peer plan MLM software.

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What is the Peer to Peer MLM plan?

Peer to Peer MLM plan is a compensation that allows the members in the multi-marketing plan to receive and give rewards to the members themselves in the respective networks. This allows all the members to receive high potential income. The distributors may not need to recruit members in this multi-level marketing plan.

How does it work?

The Peer to Peer MLM plan works by exchanging gifts or donations to the members within the network formed by the respective organization. The plan allows the distributors in the network to offer any amount of gifts. A distributor is instructed to send gifts while they receive gifts from other members of the network. The commission may be distributed commissions for recruiting members as well as for generating sales. This process of exchanging gifts is continued as a method of earning rewards for the members of the network.

The structure or Peer-to-Peer MLM plan is similar to pyramid schemes as most of the organizations allow the recruit more members to the network for the growth of the business. It provides the opportunity to generate more income.

What are the features of Peer-to-Peer MLM software?

The software allows the participants to efficiently execute objectives in the business model using innovative tools and features. Some of the features are given below:

  • Profile Management – The software assists in creating the profiles of participants by updating all the basic information. This helps the organization identify the participants for further cooperation in the business model.
  • Gift or Donation contribution – This software helps to regulate the amount of donation you wish to send to a participant in the group. In addition, the administration may provide criteria for the gifting process.
  • Compensation calculation – The software has the ability to analyze the real-time performance of the participants and calculates the amount of sales generated by them. This software generates the amount of compensation to be credited to the participant.
  • Payment integration – The software is integrated with a robust firewall to protect the payment information of the participants as well as to execute secure transactions. This allows the participants to complete the payment effortlessly.


  • This multi-level marketing plan is very simple and straightforward to understand, which attracts more participants to join the business model due to its simplicity.
  • It has the potential for earning high income by only receiving gifts from the participants in the network. In addition, the organization may allow the participants to recruit participants to the networks, which allows them to generate commissions.
  • The software provides a clear and transparent structure for the functioning of the business plan. This helps the distributors to encourage engaging in business activities.