BEST MLM compensation plans

Multi-level marketing plans are a form of networking marketing plan that leverage a network of independent distributors to promote and sell the products or services directly to the customer. This business model highly relies on the distributors to sell the product or services. The distributors are entitled to earn commissions and bonuses for the sale of the product or services and for the sale of downline distributors, whom he/she recruited. In MLM compensation plans, many employees can be recruited per the organization’s policies.

Among the high-competitive distributor of MLM compensation plans and their software, choosing the ideal MLM compensation plan software can be hard. It is important to consider many factors before selecting the MLM compensation plan software. One of the most common factors that should be considered while MLM compensation plans are:

  • Type of product or service

  • Compensation structure

  • Training and support

  • Legal and regulatory compliance

These are some of the common marketing elements to look for while purchasing or building a compensation plan. Our BEST MLM compensation plan software is built by carefully evaluating these factors and provides efficient and innovative business tools for marketers to accommodate their business growth. BEST MLM compensation plan software makes the process of direct selling and recruitment easier by providing scalable and flexible tools for marketing. 

BEST MLM compensation plans are designed to incentivize distributors to not only sell products but also build and expand their network by recruiting more members. The compensation plans are built with effective tools to enhance the performance of the distributors. BEST MLM software is integrated with back-end technology that promotes unique approaches to different compensation plans. Yes, MLM compensation plans are categorized into a plethora of types. Our BEST MLM software can provide consulting services, business operations, and everything related to any multi-marketing

What are the types of MLM compensation plans?

There are several types of multi-marketing plans that help to promote and sell the goods. Each MLM compensation plan has its way of functioning to reach the objectives. Moreover, the aim of most MLM compensation plans is the same, which is to earn generous income and recruit more members to the networks but the structure of earning may vary from one another. Different types of MLM compensation plans are given below:

  • Binary MLM compensation plan

    The Binary MLM compensation plan is referred to as two leg plan, where a distributor is limited to recruiting only two downline members. By forming a pyramid structure, the two downline distributors can further recruit two members and continue building the depth of the network.

  • Party MLM compensation plan

    This plan allows the distributors to host parties in their homes or other locations to attract a wider audience. The distributors can earn a commission for selling the product or recruiting a member from the guests.

  • Board MLM compensation plan

    This plan follows a structure similar to the Matrix plan, where distributors are incorporated into a board. Once the board is filled with distributors, it splits into two; allowing the distributors to continue the process.

  • Uni-level MLM compensation plan

    This plan allows to recruit as many employees as possible in the frontline. There is no restriction in recruiting members, which helps to widen the network.

  • Stairstep Breakway MLM compensation plan

    This MLM compensation plan encourages the distributor to achieve certain targets to break out from the upline. Once they break away, they become independent and receive much higher commissions.

  • Matrix MLM compensation plan

    In this plan, the recruitment of distributors is represented in a matrix structure. A matrix structure is a closed structure where distributors can earn a limited number of distributors to make sales and earn.

  • Monoline MLM compensation plan

    Mono refers to single. This plan is structured in a single downline tree. The distributors can recruit members directly below them in a single line.

  • Generation plan

    This is a variation to the breakaway plan, it allows to develop different generations of distributors as per their structure.