Custom and Hybrid MLM Plan Software

Custom and Hybrid MLM Plan software is a revolutionary program implemented to customize MLM plans by limiting the drawbacks of existing multi-level marketing plans. The software is designed with the ability to merge two distinguished plans to encourage the growth of the network and boost income. It empowers users to create a customized marketing strategy using cutting-edge business tools to optimize the marketing network.

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What is a Custom and Hybrid MLM Plan?

Custom and Hybrid MLM plan is a combination of two existing multi-marketing business plans. Customized MLM plans can be designed as per the organization’s requirements to boost the revenue in the network. It has a unique genealogy tree structure as per the customized strategies as well as compensation methods to encourage the distributors to reach their full potential in the business.

How does it work?

Custom and Hybrid Plan works by merging the characteristics of two existing plants. The hybrid formation is designed by eliminating the factors that limit the growth of the business model. Customized MLM plans allow its users to grow exponentially so that it creates maximum growth for the organization. The working mechanism of the Custom and Hybrid plan is to balance the genealogy tree by the uniform requirements of the downline members. So that both nodes are balanced.

For example, the merging of a Binary and Uni-level plan starts its genealogy tree with the left and right nodes just like a binary tree. Instead of continuing the tree with the two nodes, a customized binary, and unilevel plan builds the next line in a uni-level structure and continues to increase the depth levels. In this way, the network grows as all the members are prioritized at the same time. The structure ensures recognition of the efforts of all the members in the network despite their position in the depth of the down level.

Commission plans for Custom and Hybrid Plans?

The commission plan in a Custom MLM plan may vary according to the criterion. It is believed that the commission percentage depends on the downline’s personal volume or the group volume. The compensation structure of a Hybrid plan usually draws from the respective multi-level marketing level plans.

  • Custom bonus: This bonus is customized as per the organization and customized compensation plan’s requirement to reward for achieving targets or objectives. This bonus varies from one company to another.
  • Sponsor bonus: Like every other plan, a percentage of the commission is distributed to the sponsors for their efforts in recruiting a new member to the team. This is rewarded to encourage the newly recruited members to further pursue recruiting the members.
  • Fast-start bonus: This is given when a distributor completes a certain objective or target within the given time frame. This helps to boost the enthusiasm of the distributors to achieve objectives.


  • Hybrid plans help to eliminate the limitations and boost the growth of the sales and network.
  • It encourages team efforts as all the distributors are prioritized in the entire network.
  • The customization design helps to earn greater income and robust team building.
  • It has multiple ways to earn income. The admin can customize performance-based incentives to encourage the motivation and enthusiasm of the distributors.