Crowdfunding MLM Software

Crowdfunding MLM Software is a specialized solution to address all the operations in a Crowdfunding multi-level networking business model. It is designed to support all the functionalities in this business model. This software monitors all the activities with innovative tools to achieve a secure, reliable, and scalable outcome.

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What is Crowdfunding MLM Plan?

Crowdfunding MLM plan is a type of multi-level marketing business model employed by companies to boost the growth of the network using crowdfunding techniques. This form of business is a combination of crowdfunding and multi-level marketing. Crowdfunding MLM plan is organized in a group of communities by an individual who provides the opportunity to others to become investors by investing in his/her project. these projects can vary from one individual to another. The choice of fund amount is decided by the individual who seeks investment. The distributor in this plan can earn money in a quick period of time.

How does it work?

Crowdfunding MLM plan is initiated by an individual requesting funding for a project in a community. The objective is to receive a generous amount of money to become an entrepreneur and start their own business. It starts by setting a fundraising goal for a certain project shared by the individual to the network. Then, other downline distributors invest their choice of amount to the project to meet the target. When the target amount is reached the distributor may earn commissions and bonuses for the steps taken by their downline members.

What are the features of a Crowdfunding MLM plan features?

Investment MLM plan software is designed to support various functionals operation of this business model. It assists to ease the management effort of the investors to track down and analyze the reports as well as customize them according to the preference of the organization. 

  • Project creation and management – The first step of the crowdfunding process is to create a unique project that attracts investors. This software helps to create the desired project by setting goals and describing projects by allowing deep insight into to the project.
  • Member tracking – The software helps to track the downline distributors who invest in the project and display their contributions to the network. It helps to record the amount of funds contributed by the participants to their respective projects.
  • Commission and rewards – The software is designed to precisely calculate the commissions and rewards based on the contributions made by the participants by the MLM network.
  • Reporting and analytics – The software generates reports and analysis the performance of the distributors in the crowdfunding campaign. The distributors and respective MLM companies can gather all the information including, project performance, contributions, and overall performance.
  • Secure payment gateway – The software is integrated with a secure payment gateway to protect all the financial information related to the crowdfunding campaign.


  • Crowdfunding MLM helps to earn money without relying primarily upon the source of income to kick-start the business.
  • The higher chances of receiving contributions are due to the potential for expanding the reach of the crowdfunding campaign to a wider audience.
  • It helps to centralize the crowdfunding campaign into one platform – which makes the distributors easier to track the progress of the campaign.
  • The software is incorporated with real-time tracking analysis that helps the distributors receive notifications of any updates regarding the crowdfunding campaign.