Monoline Plan MLM Software

Monoline MLM plan software is a web-based application designed for the Monoline MLM network marketing business. This business tool helps companies to effectively manage their Monoline MLM compensation structure. With the help of this software, companies can increase their productivity by integrating customized MLM compensation plans. Monoline MLM software operates to deliver maximum earning potential by building a streamless network for marketing operations.

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What is a Monoline MLM Plan?

The word “Mono” is defined as single or only. Monoline means a single line. In MLM plans we all are aware of the network structure. A Monoline MLM plan is a single downline structure with no additional members in the width of the downline. In the Monoline MLM plan, unlimited members can be recruited in the network. This is one of the simplest MLM plans to quickly start the business as it contains only a single line of network.

How does it work?

In a monoline plan, there is no fixed or unlimited number of positions in width in the downline network. The distributors are recruited in a downline branch from top to bottom. The genealogy tree of the Monoline MLM plan contains in-depth information on members in a single line. The position is served on a first come first basis on a queue system. The queue system is monitored on the basis of timeframe.

Let’s say distributor X joined just below distributor A. On the same day, the distributor decided to add two members X1 and X2. At the same time distributor A managed to add another member A2 a second earlier than X. Instead of adding X1, and X2, the queue system will recognize the earlier arrival of A2 to the downline. So in a Monoline business plan distributors are placed on the available nodes based on the timeframe, not on the basis of who sponsored who.

To earn compensation in the Monoline network, distributors are required to meet some criteria assigned by the companies. Once these criteria are met the distributor becomes eligible to receive compensation.

How is compensation earned?

There are multiple ways to earn compensation in this MLM plan.

  • By referring: The commission can be earned by referrals. The downline network is unlimited so the distributors can recruit members. This criterion can vary from company to company such as for example, it may require adding 2, 3, or 4 members to receive compensation.
  • Generating sales: By generating a certain amount of sales volume, the distributor can earn a generous amount of commission or bonus. In some cases, both referrals and sales volume may be together to achieve.
  • Rejoin Bonus: The Monoline plan rewards the distributors with a new re-entry position with additional bonuses for managing to recruit a certain number of members or generating sales volume.


  • Unlimited growth in the network due to unlimited downline connections in the network. This plan has high-income potential as users have the chance to earn high commissions and multiple bonuses.
  • The monoline network enhances team effort as all the members are positioned in a single line, encouraging cooperation to achieve the same objectives.
  • Distributors have the flexibility to move the positions in the genealogy tree upon meeting the given criteria.