Unilevel MLM Plan Software

The Unilevel MLM plan software is a specialized software designed to support operation and manage network marketing based on the Unilevel compensation plan. The software allows you to manage distributors’ profiles and monitor their performances. It helps to automate the MLM business process, including commission calculation, sales and inventory management, communication and messaging, and many other features.

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What is the Unilevel MLM Plan?

This is a popular compensation plan used by multi-level organizations to manage their marketing and sales. The name “unilevel” is derived because of its frontline structure of distributors. It allows the distributors to sponsor unlimited members in a single-level downline. Unlike other plans, there is no spillover in the unilevel plan. In this plan, the distributors are rewarded compensation and bonuses based on their sales volume and the sales volume of their downline recruited members.

How does it work?

The main goal of the unilevel plan is to recruit as many distributors as possible beneath the distributor, evenly. The recruited members can also become distributors by recruiting unlimited additional members beneath them in a single line. There is no limitation in the recruitment process. Each member can add as many members as possible to their downline.

How is commission distributed in the Unilevel MLM plan?

The commission is the amount earned when the distributor makes a sale through the product or package at retail. The commission can be earned through direct and indirect methods. The Unilevel plan offers numerous ways for the distributor to earn commissions and bonuses.

  • Direct Sales Commission – Direct sales commission sale is when a distributor earns a commission by personally selling the product or service. This sales commission is based on the sale volume of the product or service.
  • Indirect Sales Commision – Distributors can also earn commissions through their downline member’s sales volume. The sponsors can earn a percentage commins on the sale volume of distributors on their first line, second line, and so on. The percentage on the number of levels and commission rates may also vary with the sale volume of the product and service.

In addition to this, this plan also recognizes leadership bonuses and rewards based on the ranks. The ranks are given based on different criteria such as the number of referrals, sales, rank advancement, fast start bonus, and many others.

Advantages of Unilevel MLM plan

  • This plan is relatively easy to understand as its structure only contains a single frontline for each distributor. This simplicity allows one to quickly grasp the context of the compensation and recruitment process.
  • It allows recruiting an unlimited number of members to the plan. There is no restriction on the width of the frontline members. This helps to build a wide network.
  • The distributors can earn passive income from the efforts of the downline distributors. The growth of the organization can benefit the distributors from the collective sales.
  • The unlimited width of the frontline members allows for the expansion of the potential income level. Furthermore, the distributors can also earn with the expansion of downline members, leading to potentially significant income