Donation Plan MLM Software

Donation MLM Plan software is a powerful tool designed for managing the operation of this multi-level marketing business model. This model is also known as Gift Plan or Helping Plan. This software helps to operate the functions effectively at the international level. It assists in establishing a robust network of team members and handles all the aspects of the Donation MLM plan including, compensation, network, bonuses, and many more. 

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What is a Donation Plan MLM?

The fundamental principle of the Donation MLM plan is to give gifts to one user and receive multiple gifts from other users. It is considered an alternative to money gifting. The users can deposit the money or send gifts to the respective member in the system. This idea of giving and receiving with others of benefits attracts more users to the growth of the network.

How does it work?

The donation MLM plan revolves around the idea of giving and receiving. The business model works by one user giving money to another in the system. In this way, all the users are entitled to give gifts or donations to others, which in turn individuals can receive donations from multiple users.

Multiple organization have various criteria to compensate the users. The donation plan provides users with challenging tasks to complete in order to receive multiple bonuses along with gifts. Moreover, some organizations may also limit the amount to receive these bonuses.

How is the commission distributed?

There are multiple methods to earn compensation in the Donation plan. The basic way of earning is by gifts. As per the policies of the organizations, the compensation scheme is varied. Some of the basic compensation methods followed by every organization are:

  • Referral bonus – When a new participant is introduced to the system by an existing member, then the introducer is awarded a bonus to motivate the user and other users to bring more members to the network.
  • Donation bonus – in some organizations, a reward or a percentage of commission is awarded to the distributor who makes a donation to the user in the system.
  • Gift commissions – Since the business model of giving and receiving. All the members are bound to receive donations from the members of the network. This encourages the members to continue donating in order to receive gifts.
  • Level advancement bonus – A percentage of commission or bonuses is offered to the member for advancing the level due to his/her tremendous effort in the network. A member can advance his level throughout the network to a senior position from the time of joining.


  • The members have the ability to opt for when and how to receive the money or gifts. Some organizations allow members to choose whether to make daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly payments.
  • It has a high potential of attracting more members due to low registration fees as well as the idea of receiving multiple donations.
  • People are more likely to use the service even after achieving the initial stage of success.
  • All the transactions are secured and transparent.