Gift Plan MLM Software

Gift Plan MLM software is a tool designed to manage all the applications in a Gift Plan MLM business model. The web-based application is incorporated with powerful tools to determine the activities such as members’ income, expenditures, compensation, payout, and many others. This helps the organizations fully automate the functions of the multi-level marketing model.

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What is a Gift Plan MLM?

The gift plan multi-level marketing business model follows a give-and-receive concept, where one has to donate to some other while others will receive donations. The goal of this business plan is to help each other to reach their success. In this plan, everyone in the network will get the opportunity to receive and give donations. The members in the model can either give directly or deposit their contributions.

How does it work?

The working model of this MLM business model is quite simple. It follows the concept of the give-and-take method, where one member gifts to a member in the network and receives multiple gifts from the members in the network. This business model is highly reliable as everyone in the network joins intending to give. Therefore, members of the network are bound to receive gifts.

However, there are some criteria for giving and receiving gifts. These criteria vary from one organization to another. Some companies may limit the amount of donation an individual can receive. The option to extend the limit may be available by purchasing an advance membership or advancing the rank.

How is compensation claimed?

In the Gift MLM plan, compensation and bonuses differ from one organization to another based on their policies and area of specialization. Although, this is not widely considered as a multi-level marketing concept. But it has some basic compensation methods.

  • Receive gifts: As we all know that this business model works on a give-and-receive strategy. So, an individual is bound to receive cash and other bonuses as gifts from other members in the network.
  • Donation bonus: When a distributor donates a certain amount as a gift then his/her sponsor will be awarded a certain percentage of commission from the donation.
  • Referral bonus: When a new member is recruited, the respective introducer receives a percentage of commission for referring a new client to the network. This bonus encourages the members of the network to continue the growth of the business model.
  • Rank advancement bonus: This bonus is awarded to a member in the network when he/she completes a certain objective and promotes to a higher level. This bonus as well as the objectives may be fixed by the organization.


  • The investment in this plan is preferably low allowing a wide range of members to join the plan as it generates potential income.
  • The members of this plan have the option to choose how they receive money such as on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • More people tend to use the business model even after the initial stage of success.
  • Transactional details are transparent – allowing members to track where their donations are.