Affiliate MLM Software Vs. Traditional Affiliate Marketing: What’s The Difference?

Affiliate MLM Software Vs. Traditional Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MLM software and traditional affiliate marketing might seem, close cousins, however, they have numerous differences. The two terms represent two business models, each with a different working and payout structure.

But the question remains, which model is more beneficial from a business point of view?

Affiliate MLM software and traditional affiliate marketing, both, represent excellent opportunities to make considerable profits. However, people struggle to choose between the two business models.

The problem often stems from the fact that they do not exactly understand the differences that could help them assess the viability of either model per their business goals.

If you have the same dilemma with these seemingly related business models, let us give you a helping hand. We will explain the differences between Affiliate MLM software and traditional affiliate marketing. This information will put you on the right path that ensures long-term growth.

Affiliate MLM Software Vs. Traditional Affiliate Marketing

We start with a basic over of each concept, so here we go;

Affiliate MLM Software Vs. Traditional Affiliate Marketing
  • What is Traditional Affiliate Marketing?

There’s a reason we put affiliate marketing first in our quick briefing. It builds the foundation that will support the entire argument that we will put here about the Affiliate MLM Software vs. Traditional Affiliate Marketing comparison.

Affiliate marketing is simple but extremely beneficial in boosting sales. Here’s how it works.

A company, let’s say, A has an online product store. It offers a 5% commission to anyone who sells their products. The idea seems lucrative and B jumps on the bandwagon.

He is referred to as the affiliate, recommends A’s products to a wide range of audiences and when anyone purchases from the affiliate link he shares, he receives commissions.

Both parties involved are in for a good bargain – the company has to spend nothing on marketing, and the affiliates do the majority of the work.

Similarly, affiliates don’t have to invest in inventory, they just need to put the product in front of people and when they generate sales commissions come into their pockets.

Affiliate marketing is going everywhere – the e-commerce giant Amazon is a big name in Affiliate Marketing and so are dozens of hosting companies providing lucrative affiliate commissions.

The Benefits of Traditional Affiliate Marketing

  • The model is simple, which is its real strength.
  • Affiliate commissions are often attractive.
  • It’s a cost-effective customer acquisition strategy.
  • No requirement to procure inventory.
  • Affiliates have the flexibility to promote products of their choice from multiple vendors.
  • What is Affiliate MLM Software?

Now, let’s understand the affiliate MLM software. It’s a combination of two business models, MLM and affiliate marketing ( that’s why we picked affiliate marketing first, get it).

The software provides the technological framework that supports the combined structure of affiliate MLM business models.

In this model, members are both affiliates and distributors. They bring sales and earn affiliate commissions; likewise, they can build a team, and for every recruitment, they receive a reward as well as a small slice of commissions made by their downline.

But where’s affiliate MLM software in all this, you may ask? Well, who is going to manage the network, calculate commissions, or track sales – manually it will be a cumbersome process full of errors.

It’s the job of Affiliate MLM software, and it does it with the aid of AI and automation.

The Benefits of Affiliate MLM Software

  • The affiliate MLM model involves multiple payouts, hence higher earning potential.
  • It offers passive income possibilities.
  • Provides a wider reach.
  • Collective efforts of a team offer quick growth.

What Are The Basic Differences Between Affiliate MLM Software And Tradition Affiliate Marketing?

You might have got a good grip on affiliate MLM software and traditional affiliate marketing. Let us cement your understanding further with a concise comparison table.

TributesTraditional Affiliate Marketing Affiliate MLM Software
Business Model Affiliates promote products and earn commissions Network people acting both as affiliate and MLM distributors.
Commission structure Affiliates earn from product salesMembers make money from sales and from team building 
ComplexitySimple and beginner-friendly More complex working 
Management Individuals can easily manage everything.Requires multiple people and a robust affiliate MLM software to manage business. 
Earning PotentialIndividual efforts limits earningsMembers make money from sales and team building 
Inventory RequirementsNo inventory needed Might require inventory 
Flexibility Highly Flexible work environment Less flexible than traditional affiliate marketing 

Wrapping Up – Which is better, affiliate MLM software or traditional affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing and affiliate MLM can be impactful strategies to make good money, so it’s difficult to determine which is better. 

For a quick assist;

  • Pick affiliate marketing, if you prefer a stable business model with good income potential. 
  • Pick Affiliate MLM software if you are a team player and possess excellent persuasive skills. 

Overall, it is individual preferences that should be the guiding point for picking one business model over another.

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