Elomir Supplement MLM Company – Is Legal Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Beware Of Elomir, A New Supplement MLM Company

MLM (multi-level marketing) organizations have a long history of operating pyramid schemes. They will send independent agents or recruits to offer their products to you. Originally, their sales tactics or “MLM skits” looked to be legitimate attempts to promote their items.

They begin to appear sinister when they entice you to join their company and become a part of the profit-making trip.

Warning: New MLM Supplement Company Elomir Raises Concerns

Elomir, a health supplement-based MLM enterprise, has been identified as a scam. According to several reports, Elomir sells its agendas based on fraudulent reviews and poor sales techniques. Its well-known product is Axis Klarity.

Elomir Supplement MLM Company Is Legal Or A Pyramid Scheme

These goods are wellness formulae; the business says they have helped many people. Nevertheless, we do not know whether or not these statements are real. Let’s read everything we’ve discovered about Elomir and decide if it’s worth the scare.

Elomir’s Background Research

If you ever see the motto “LIVE YOUR BEST,” it is from Elomir’s networking marketing company. Today, its MLM goal includes health supplement items. These items claim to boost mental health, mood, and energy, among other things. If we investigate its existence, we discover it is not old enough.

Toan and Van Nguyen founded the MLM company Elomir in 2021. Both of them were previously employed by another company before founding Elomir. They also have 17 years of marketing experience.

Elomir's Background Research

According to accounts, the Elomir founders were a member of the LaCore Enterprises eco-system. They created their own company after spending significant time learning and working there. As a result, Elomir was born, which now distributes health supplements.

Further analysis revealed that Elomir is a US-based corporation with a 13-tier organizational structure. Each tier comprises downlines and uplines and has its ranking within the firm. Each level receives a commission or reward when the corporation sells a product.

According to sources, Elomir is looking for members and independent partners. These business partners or members are none other than the consumer. Therefore it begs the question, how do customers become Elomir sellers or partners?

Customers who buy an Elomir product also receive a referral code. Users are free to distribute this referral code to their friends and relatives. They begin to earn when any of their family members or friends utilize this referral code and purchase a product through the share link.

This income is received in the form of prizes or commissions. Customers must also pay a $49 membership fee to become full-fledged Elomir representatives.

What Is Elomir’s Best-Selling Item?

Elomir, as previously said, is a new MLM company. As a result, it conducted extensive research before settling on its unique product. They produced its flagship product, “Axis Klarity,” after much work and experimentation.

The goal of axis clarity is to enhance overall wellness. This supplement comes in the shape of berry-flavored solubilizing strips. Each strip slowly dissolves when placed on the tongue and affects the body using “diffusion technology.”

What Is Elomir's Best-Selling Item

It aids in the maintenance of both mental and physical wellness. When we look at the product’s mental health benefits, we can see that it makes huge promises about enhancing mood and increasing focus.

Also, Axis Clarity asserts that it can help with symptoms similar to anxiety and depression. Each Axis Klarity strip has three active components, which are listed below:

  • Turmeric
  • B vitamins
  • N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC)

Why Is Elomir On The Scammer’s Radar?

Given the benefits of the Axis Klarity, one must believe it is a legitimately wonderful product. It appears to be an ideal answer for dealing with stress by elevating mood. Yet, people and other sources accuse Elomir’s consequences of being an MLM scam.

Why Is Elomir On The Scammer's Radar

As a result, the company’s statements and actual reviews appear conflicting, raising numerous questions. This piqued our interest, and we investigated to find an answer to this discrepancy. We have mentioned our findings as follows:

🔹Product Design That The FDA Has Not authorized

According to current information, neither the product nor its ingredients have been approved by the FDA. As a result, there are numerous concerns about its safety. Additionally, the FDA has highlighted one of Axis Klarity’s active ingredients. According to reports, the FDA has prohibited using NAC as a supplement.

Elomir, on the other hand, openly employs this substance and believes that it benefits the population. As a result, the FDA strongly advises consumers to avoid business claims of health advantages. This is one of many red signs that should be treated seriously.

🔹Sales Claim Disguised As Recruitment Investment

According to the corporation, Elomir has achieved $1 million in sales. Unfortunately, when it comes to displaying client estimations, it has no data. However, there is data to prove that the 7,000 corporate representatives made these sales. It’s time to connect the dots.

The $1 million in sales claimed by the corporation was an investment in developing the downline. These sales did not involve any actual customers. This element strongly suggests that Elomir is a pyramid scheme. It is increasing by recruiting more and more downlines while having no genuine customers.

🔹Entrepreneurs With A Shady Past

Elomir’s founders were formerly associated with LaCore Corporation, which has a dubious history. According to accounts, LaCore was charged with securities fraud in 2008. Furthermore, the same company has profited from pyramid scams in the past.

It implies that the founders were involved in these scandals and split off to form their own companies. However, their current actions indicate that their company is no different from their previous parent company.

🔹Products Are In Short Supply

If we look at the company’s sales history, we can discover that they have consistently delayed their opening. Furthermore, they appear to be at ease avoiding huge orders. What kind of business refuses large orders?

Perhaps one that is experiencing inventory shortages. They almost certainly do not have enough things to sell. Nonetheless, they do not appear to reduce their marketing campaigns to attract additional clients. Elomir is currently doing this regularly, which makes them seem dodgy.

🔹Overestimation Of The Product’s Uniqueness

According to the company, they have created the ultimate and one-of-a-kind health supplement. It claims to have studied and worked hard to create Axis Klarity. However, after doing some investigation, we discovered that there is a similar Korean medicine called Esther Formula.

Not only does the appearance resemble that of its Korean equivalent, but most of its contents are also the same. It implies that the product’s uniqueness is a fake and overhyped claim.


It’s nothing personal, but our research indicates that avoiding Elomir’s items is best. Their boasts about safety and rapid expansion are likewise false. The product’s ingredients may benefit the consumer, but the FDA’s claim is also something we cannot ignore.

In terms of its MLM system, it has failed to persuade us of any genuine customer base. As a result, Elomir appears to be nothing more than a pyramid plan.

Yet, if Elomir can dispel these fears with proof and data, its image may improve. Hence, Elomir MLM must develop to become profitable and dependable on various fronts.

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