How Does Technology Affect Your Direct Selling Business? A Guide To Grow Your Business!

How Does Technology Affect Your Direct Selling Business

Technology has enabled a new path in all types of business and in order to run the business efficiently, every company is depending more and more on technology. Technology has changed the business to the next level by introducing efficient and effective sales techniques.

The Impact Of Technology On Your Direct Selling Business

It also increased the rate of operational efficiency, marketing, and customer satisfaction. The direct selling tool with advanced technology led the business in a new way. However, we have to keep some points in our mind to run a business successfully.

The Impact Of Technology On Your Direct Selling Business

Know The Base

Knowing the base is equally important in the case of business likewise all the other purposes. If the base goes wrong there is no use in constructing a huge building. Here knowing the basics includes the management of the business and its organizing capabilities.

As direct selling includes a circle of a large number of people who market their product through various channels, it is necessary to implement a technology to manage them. Technology helps them to become more advanced and competent. So one must have a clear knowledge of the technology.

Choose The Best Technology Partner

Choosing the best technology partner is really important if you are beginning a new business. While choosing a technology you must keep some points in mind.

  • The business scaling capability of the technology
  • Problem-solving capability of the technology
  • Safety of customer’s data
  • Various security aspects
  • Accuracy of payment automation
  • Estimation of the future scope of the business.

DOs And DON’Ts

Before choosing a technology you must consider the DOs and DON’Ts to reach a final decision on whether to adopt the technology or not. Some of them are listed below.


  • Choose a trusted brand
  • Must be a proven technology
  • Features and functionalities must be customizable
  • A trial is a must to examine the working of products.
  • Check the platform used to construct the plugin.
  • Check the warranty period and customer support.


  • Choosing by looking for a cheaper value.
  • A brand with a bad customer experience.
  • The brand with no preference for innovation.
  • A brand with no after-sale support.
  • The brand solves only certain parts of technical problems.
  • A brand with no proper communication medium.

Understand The Actual Scope Of Your Business

Understanding the actual scope of your business is really important for the further growth of the business.

Once the primary requirements are fulfilled in the business the next step is to think about the real growth of the business. For this, having a clear picture of the scope of your company is really important.

The Use Of Technology In Direct-Selling Marketing Channels

Direct selling companies are mainly using digital technologies to reach customers. Technology has disrupted traditional distribution channels, increased the reach of social networks, and also changed the way people interact with them.

Technology enhances the distributor’s personal skills by helping them to become more competitive and advanced. Technology helps you to stay on the current trends and competition in the marketplace.

It enables direct sellers to create and maintain relationships. It serves as the main success factor for the customer relationship performance of direct selling.

Effects Of Technology On Direct-Selling Business

Technology is transforming industries and disrupting traditional businesses and it is mainly affecting the sales of businesses.

Some of the main effects of technology on selling are discussed here.

1. Big Data

The growth of a sales organization mainly depends upon the ability to find, manage, and analyze a large amount of customer data for customers who have a buying tendency. Most companies will analyze only 12% of the data that is available.

This is where the big data concept came from. Sales organization uses big data tools to manage the main step of the sales process i.e., prospecting which is the process of finding and qualifying the able customers.

Before, prospecting was a time-consuming and labor-consuming task. But now, the organization can find out the potential customers easily and also predict which one leads to the business, accurately.

2. Social Platforms

Technology has given rise to using of different social media platforms to find and attract new customers which is the main part of the business.

Social media platforms help to reach customers across the entire world. Social media platforms are one of the trending effects on direct-selling businesses.

3. Sales Force Automation Systems

Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology helps to automate many tasks which saves a lot of time for the sales employees and they can concentrate more to create sales and revenue.

Before SFA technology, selling was a time-consuming task that included scheduling sales appointments, sending follow-up emails, and updating sales opportunities. SFA also allows its employees to be up to date about the current and new products.

4. Cloud-Based CRM Technology

Cloud-based CRM (Customer Service Management) technology is a tool that helps to view customer relationships by integrating marketing, sales, and customer support.

Since the CRM data are stored in the cloud they can be accessed directly from anywhere at any time. Thus it gives relief to employees without being sitting in front of onsite computers and servers. 

Final Words On How Does Technology Affect Your Direct Selling Business?

Likewise, technology is transforming the whole world, it is transforming sales too.

A business that uses powerful tools and technologies only will remain profitable and competitive.

Those who choose to use outdated sales techniques will fall on their journey.

So if you want to be successful and even at the top of the lifetime earners list, you have to follow the above criteria.

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