How To Use MLM Genealogy Software To Grow Your Network?

MLM Genealogy Software

For any MLM business, it is quite essential to know, how well your family or the members that you made are doing in the business. Getting such details can sometimes be quite time-consuming and difficult for leaders and managers.

Hence to overcome this problem, there is a special MLM genealogy software designed which helps the leaders to visualize their MLM network and get all the information about their team.

How To Use MLM Genealogy Software To Track Your Downlines And Sales?

The word “Genealogy” means General Knowledge or Information about the members. In layman’s terms, you can think it of as the family tree.

When talking about genealogy in marketing terms, it is the graphical diagram of the manager’s chains or the team in any of the MLM programs. Based on this it is quite easy to understand the total compensation earned and the amount of depth in the team.

What Is The Genealogy In Network Marketing

A lot of companies are now using MLM genealogy software to get complete information about chains from top to bottom. Also, you can gain information such as the downlines, referral downlines, your sponsor and the number of sales they make, bonuses, and commissions earned.

What Is A Genealogy Tree In Network Marketing?

An MLM genealogy tree is quite a common term used for the representation of the distributors and their downlines. This gives a complete overview of the income opportunity, amount of sales made, and profits earned by both downline and the distributor.

A firm admin or director sits atop the MLM genealogy tree, followed by leaders and distributors. Every business member is placed based on their position in the genealogy tree.

What All Details Are Included In The MLM Genealogy Tree?

For any MLM business, the key stakeholders are the Sponsor and its teams. Every MLM genealogical tree includes the sponsor’s name, address, email, and more. 

Apart from the basic personal information, there is some other information available in the MLM genealogy tree such as the following.

  • Total Sales made by the sponsor and its team.
  • Commissions yield and the bonus checks
  • Rankings and Levels achieved by the Members.
  • Package information 

Types Of The MLM Genealogy Tree

In any MLM firm, expansion means recruiting new sales reps and establishing more downlines. Based on this, the genealogy tree can be categorized into five main categories as given below. Each category represents a different type of MLM Genealogy tree.

1. Binary Genealogy Tree

A binary genealogy tree consists of two downlines. For example, every distributor will have two branches but can have an unlimited depth. Think of it as hiring two people who then hire n more.

Binary Genealogy Tree

2. Unilevel Genealogy Tree

A uni-level structure tree consists of a representative who sponsors multiple people as they wish and makes an unlimited width of the tree. Every downline member can also have any number of representatives on their frontline.

Unilevel Genealogy Tree

3. Matrix Genealogy Tree

A matrix genealogy tree is a kind of tree in MLM Genealogy Software, where the width and depth are predefined for the downlines. This means any genealogy structure would be defined using the M*N formula, like 3 * 7. For the 3 * 7 Matrix MLM genealogy tree, the width would be three, and the depth would be 7.

Matrix Genealogy Tree

4. Hybrid Genealogy Tree

This is one of the most common genealogy trees that most MLM genealogy software constructs and most companies use this approach for their business strategies.

In this genealogy type, the companies combine a variety of elements and build a compensation plan. This helps identify a representative’s first sales and subsequent sales by its uni-level downline.

5. Breakaway Genealogy Tree

A breakaway structure is also known as a stairstep breakaway. Every sales professional can quit their downline and develop new lines to reach new sales targets and volumes.

Purpose Of An MLM’s Genealogy

Genealogy defines the link between new recruits and sponsors in every MLM firm. As the company grows, the MLM tree becomes a crucial part of every stakeholder of the company and their income.

With the help of the best genealogy software tree, any distributor can get complete information and put their downlines in a favorable place to optimize the individual growth of the team and earnings.

MLM Genealogy Software – Final Verdict

An MLM genealogy tree software can help MLM companies to optimize their structure. Also, it gives complete information about how the business is performing and what strategies could be followed to optimize it.

Any MLM firm not doing well in sales and recruitment should consult the best genealogy software provider to improve its structure and tree.

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