MLM Software For Managing Multi-Level Compensation Plans: Top Companies With Best Plans

MLM Software For Multi-Level Compensation Plans

Multi-Level marketing software or MLM are software solutions that aid direct selling companies and distributors all the way through their product sales and marketing process. The software is comprised of features that allow companies with lead generation, marketing, customer management, inventory, and distribution. 

Oftentimes, multi-level marketing platforms function as an e-commerce tool that provides businesses with payment and sales tax management.

MLM Software for Multi-Level Compensation Plans: Streamlining Your Network Marketing Success

The software facilitates the transition of businesses from traditional direct marketing and sales to the internet-based e-commerce model, enabling individuals to participate, generate sales, and earn commissions through Multi-Level Compensation Plans.

Potential Of MLM Software For Multi-Level Compensation Plans

Firms that conduct network marketing normally deploy MLM strategy to generate profit from two sources:

  • Direct sales generated by salespersons 
  • A commission that is granted to salespeople based on sales they generate through other individuals recruited for marketing purposes

The MLM industry has seen massive growth in recent years and this is mainly because people are now able to run a business completely online in the comfort of their own homes and at the click of a button while others can join the company to conduct sales and earn a healthy compensation.

⚠️ Multi-Level Compensation Plans use various types of rewards and incentives to motivate and compensate individuals depending on their own performance and the success of their downline.

In order to better understand how compensation works in the network marketing industry, you need to know what type of MLM business is best suited for you.

Before joining an MLM business you should be familiar with various types of multi-level marketing compensation plans that are currently available. 

MLM compensation plans To Know

Here we have listed out a few of the top MLM compensation plans:

1. Unilevel Plan

The unilevel network marketing compensation plan is known to be simple and straightforward and is equally suited for small and large-scale networks.

Under this plan, businesses can recruit as many members as they want to form a powerful and expansive MLM network. It is one of the famous Multi-Level Compensation Plans.

Unilevel Plan

The members can then sponsor more downlines which allows them to earn more compensation.

What this means is that every person you sponsor will be on your frontline and you will be able to earn commission on every person that your downline members add to the network.

2. Binary Plan

As the name suggests, under the Binary compensation plan, you will be given two legs – the right and the left of your two frontline members. When the sales of both legs match a pre-determined amount, you will be paid the compensation.

Binary Plan

3. Stairstep Breakaway Plan

The Stairstep breakaway plan is similar to the uni-level compensation plan in terms of functionality.

Stairstep Breakaway Plan

But where they differ is when you achieve a certain sales threshold in the stairstep breakaway plan, it will separate from the frontline and begin an entirely new line.

In this plan, the royalties earned will be from two separate marketing lines instead of a single one like in the uni-level plan.  

4. Matrix Plan

The Matrix compensation plan works by limiting the width of each level. Here you can recruit members and maintain their downlines right up until the top member line is filled.

 Matrix Plan

Once a line is filled, it creates a different frontline where you will earn commissions separately.

The Matrix compensation plan is suitable for those that want to create multiple downlines with the aim of generating multiple income sources. 

top MLM companies with the best compensation opportunities – Case Studies

Now let us take a look at the top MLM companies with the best compensation opportunities in 2023. 

1. Mary Kay 

Mary Kay is an American network marketing company based in Texas.

It is well-known for having one of the highest compensation packages for its distributors with an industry-high 50% commission on retail sales and incentives for members that reach higher performance levels.  

2. Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes is an MLM firm that markets lifestyle products like essential oils, and skin care supplements. You can join the networking business as a representative first and start earning from the products you sell.

The company also offers you the chance to generate profit via retail commissions, binary pay, matching bonus, and lifestyle bonuses. 

3. Ariix

Ariix is a multinational network marketing company that has lifestyle brands such as Nucerity, Puritii, and Nutrifii under its belt.

What is unique about the firm is that it is the first of its kind to offer a multiline compensation plan which gives a 50% commission payout to members. 

Considered to be the company with one of the highest commission structures, Ariix additionally employs a cost-of-living increase accommodation plan that supports members as they grow over time. 

4. Avon

Avon is a UK-based network marketing firm that distributes popular skincare, cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care products.

The company offers a healthy compensation plan with a retail commission of 20%-50% depending on the order size, and downline commissions of 1%-11%. It also gives out bonuses to members for rank advancement and performance upgrades. 

Avon is one of the largest MLM companies in the world. As per reports, in 2022, the company generated more than $9.1 billion in sales globally. 

5. NeoLife

NeoLife is a multi-level marketing firm that operates marketplaces for food and nutritional supplements.

The company’s compensation plans are pretty popular in the industry for their higher-rated incentives and bonuses. In 2022, NeoLife generated a revenue of $140 million. 


The purpose of this report was to give you a better understanding of the different types of multi-level marketing compensation plans and which companies offer the best incentives and bonuses in the sector.

It is impossible to point out a single plan that is right and perfect for everyone as the needs and preferences of each person is different from the other.

To ensure compatibility with your financial needs, it is crucial to thoroughly research and understand the diverse Multi-Level Compensation Plans provided by reputable MLM companies, familiarizing yourself with the rules and regulations of each plan.

That way you will be able to find the right network marketing company to join that would also give you the highest returns on your time and money. 

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