Top 5 Recruiting Mistakes To Avoid In Network Marketing

Top 5 Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid in Network Marketing

Recruitment is an integral part of network marketing. However, most newbie network marketers don’t understand the true dynamics of the recruitment process and commit mistakes that kill the business.

Therefore it’s prudent to know about the common bumps you might hit while recruiting members for your team.

We will explain the recruitment mistakes you must avoid in network marketing. It will facilitate faster network expansion and help you build a motivated and active team that heavily contributes to business growth.

The Foundation: Understanding Network Marketing

Network marketing follows a unique approach to doing business. Individuals, also called recruiters, promote products and recruit others to do the same.

Understanding Network Marketing

In return, they receive commissions on their sales as well as the sales made by their team. The collective efforts of different individuals in a network are the true strength of network marketing.

It facilitates more sales, continuous commissions for the team, and accelerated growth for the company. It’s apparent that recruitment forms a crucial aspect of network marketing.

That’s why the recruitment process needs to be as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Common Recruiting Mistakes to Avoid

Now that you understand the value of recruitment, let’s dive in and explore the common mistakes that most network marketers commit. It leads to dwindling sales and lower-than-expected growth;

  • Ignoring Targeted Prospecting

In most cases, when an individual ventures into network marketing, he doesn’t have any idea about the target audience.

But ignoring the target audience is like fishing where there are no fish – you won’t catch anything.

Think like this – you are promoting weight gain products to obese people.

Will they buy it? Definitely Not.

You will be wasting time and resources on the wrong crowd. Unfortunately, most network marketers target their target audience without giving it a thought. The idea is simple yet faulty – reach out to more people to extract more sales.

But, it doesn’t work like this. You have to carefully evaluate your audience and target people who might be genuinely interested in your products.

In short, don’t cast your net randomly.

  • No Clear Value Proposition In Your Offer

Unless your offer is enticing and addresses a customer’s specific pain point, why would anyone bother to buy from you?

It’s a simple fact that still eludes most newbie network marketing. Without a clear value proposition, they fail to entice their audience and lose potential customers.

Clear communication is the most critical marketing tactic. In network marketing, it takes a more central role because there’s a direct interaction between marketers and customers.

Let’s say you are selling a Smartphone – explain its amazing camera, the long battery life, and the exclusive apps. That’s a clear value proposition and that is what entices users.

Now apply the concept to recruitment. Communicate what sets your offer apart. Relay the benefits people will entail after joining your offer.

In short, make sure you provide a value proposition in your offer.

  • Exaggerated Income Potential

Imagine you follow potential leads and during your presentation, you tell them they can make a million dollars within a month.

Will anyone believe you?

On the contrary, most if not all will consider you a fraud. In fact, network marketing is riddled with such offers claiming unrealistic income. Unfortunately, people and authorities perceive it as an unethical practice and will shun you as a pyramid scheme.

However, in many cases, network marketers try to exaggerate the benefits tied to their MLM offers. When recruiters don’t receive what they were promised they quit, depleting the network and impacting the business.

Therefore, be honest about your offer and clearly communicate what’s achievable. Remember, exaggeration might attract people initially, but it won’t stick in the long run.

  • Neglecting Training and Support

Without the proper training, your team is just like someone who has a car but doesn’t know how to drive.

But let’s say, he did attempt to derive it, then what will happen? Accident, right?

That’s why it is crucial to guide and train your team in the complexities of network marketing. This includes training in communication, sales techniques, etc.

Network marketing runs on the strength of the underlying network. A strong network needs robust training and timely support. When you empower them with the right training, your network grows stronger and your sales multiply.

  • Neglecting Follow-Up

Let’s say you plant a seed in your garden but never water it. What will happen, the seed won’t grow into a tree.

That’s akin to adding someone to your network marketing team but doesn’t follow up about how he is performing or whether he needs any support.

In such cases, your team will likely fail to perform to your expectations or their own full potential.

Remember, your network requires continuous support and nurturing. Therefore, from the initial contact to the joining and beyond, follow up with your team members on a regular basis. Provide training, resolve queries, and cement the relationship. Without proper follow-ups, your team members might lose interest in the MLM opportunity.

So, keep the connection alive with consistent follow-ups and turn team members into valuable assets to your network marketing business.


Network marketing is heavily dependent on the network it incorporates to thrive.

It doesn’t matter if you have a great product line or how actively you invest in your business. If you can’t control the recruitment process and avoid mistakes, you are bound to bite the dust.

Therefore, go back to the drawing board, analyze your recruitment process, and see if it’s free from the mistakes listed here. If you want avoid Common Recruiting Mistakes choose perfect mlm software for network marketing.

If you find any, eliminate them as soon as possible. Once your recruitment process is smooth and error-free, your business will grow faster.

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