Mechanics Of The Single Leg Mlm Plan: How Does It Work?

Mechanics Of The Single Leg Mlm Plan_ How Does It Work

If you have any exposure to MLM, you may know that network marketing businesses are built over compensation plans.

Now, compensation plans vary in size and function. Some are complex while others are straightforward. However, for the success of the MLM business, it’s essential that people understand the compensation plan that a company follows.

Otherwise, they simply can’t keep up with the complexities and just quit. Therefore, MLM industry veterans recommend adopting the simplest compensation plan per your business needs.

In this regard, a single-leg compensation plan is the most straightforward. Let’s look at the underlying mechanics of the single-leg plan and the benefits it offers.

What Is The Single Leg Mlm Plan?

A single-leg MLM plan is the simplest compensation plan with a linear structure.

Unlike other more common MLM plans ( Binary, Matrix, etc.), a single-leg MLM plan comprises only one line. It’s a straightforward plan and all the recruits are placed in a single line.

The Single Leg Mlm Plan

That’s why it’s also often called the Monoline Compensation Plan. The primary benefit of the single-leg MLM plan is that there is no hassle of multiple legs.

The network is entirely linear, which makes it easy to understand and simple for compensation distribution.

Structure Of The Single-leg Mlm Plan

Now that you understand what a single leg plan is, let’s delve into its structure and understand its core functioning.

Imagine the single leg plan as a line of people holding each other’s hands. Remember, it’s on a first come first serve basis. So, when you start;

  • You are at the end of the line.
  • New members after you will be placed below you. It doesn’t matter who sponsored them, they just fall in line.
  • You receive a commission for the sales and recruitment from the entire line. Therefore, if someone, in front of you in the line makes a sale, you get a share of the pie.
  • Likewise, if someone recruits a new member, you receive the benefit too.

In short, a single leg plan is truly a team effort. Each member receives the benefits of the overall network’s progress.

Advantages Of The Single Leg Mlm Plan

Single leg plan can be promising in many situations. Here are the most noteworthy benefits that the single leg MLM plan entails;

  • Simplicity – The primary benefit of the single leg plan is its simplicity. It’s easy to understand and simple to manage. Its simplicity makes it perfect for newcomers to MLM.
  • Faster Growth – A single leg MLM plan offers exponential network growth. Since the plan is simple, people are not hesitant to join. Likewise, its linear structure ensures that the network extends rapidly.
  • Team Spirit – Earning potential in a single leg plan largely depends on the collective efforts of all members. It encourages members to cooperate, collaborate and work towards a common goal. This inculcates team spirit and boosts growth.
  • More Time For Sales – All the members are arranged in a single line, therefore there’s no recruitment pressure on team members. They can introduce one or two members and the downline will continue to grow from there. Members can then focus more on sales and earning commissions.

How Does The Single Leg Mlm Plan Work?

A single leg MLM plan comprises a single linear structure. When anyone recruits a new member, it is placed at the bottom of the line regardless of the position of the recruiters. However, the commision is shared throughout the line. In some instances, companies might restrict the commission to certain levels. Likewise, it can also impose conditions like you receive a higher percentage for a set number of recruiters you bring, say 8%. For every other recruitment or sales, you may receive half, so 4%.

Comparison With Other Mlm Plans

It might be apparent to you that the single leg plan is radically different from other more common plans. Let’s compare it to other Compensation plans and understand the difference;

  • Binary Structure – Two legged structure.
  • Depth – Companies might limit recruitment based on depth.
  • Structure – All referrals from sponsors are placed in a single-level
  • Depth – Unlimited.

  • Structure – Forms matrix of fixed members like 3×2 etc.
  • Depth – Limited width and depth

Challenges And Limitations

Just like benefits, a single leg plan also has some challenges and limitations.

Let’s explore them all;

  • Income Inequality – Early members can earn huge while leather recruits may struggle to make decent earnings.
  • Limited control – A single leg structure could stretch too much. It limits control over the downline.
  • Market Saturation – Quick network growth might lead to market saturation. It’s because a large number of recruits will be selling the same products.
  • Retention Challenges – There could be a huge income disparity between early and late joiners. It may lead to a high dropout rate.
  • Inactivity of the Downline – Members can make passively without much effort in the single leg plan. It might lead to members’ inactivity which could result in a sales decline.


It’s evident that the single leg MLM plan brings tons of benefits to the table. But its most significant advantage is its simplicity. Members can grasp it easily which simplifies the recruitment process. However, a few challenges remain like income disparity and market saturation. If companies can follow a proactive approach and take timely steps to mitigate these challenges they could ensure continuous and long-term growth with a single MLM plan.

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