Top MLM Software Of The Year 2023 – What Makes It The Best

Top MLM Softwares Of The Year 2023

Multi-Level Marketing Software or MLM assists direct sales and distribution businesses throughout their entire sales and marketing process. MLM software is aimed at enterprises that are specialized in online network marketing. 

What Are The Leading MLM Software Options For This Year?

The software has unique features that help direct sales firms with lead generation, marketing, customer management, inventory, and distribution. Read this article till the end to know the Top MLM Softwares Of The Year 2023.

Important features required by an MLM software

First Off… What Are The Important features required by MLM software?

For MLM software to be deemed successful, it must support business plans that are data-driven and growth-oriented. It must possess each of the following elements:

  • Automated Payment Processing 

Being an essential part of a direct sales business, every MLM software has to be capable of using the most advanced and reliable digital payment technology. 

  • Commission Calculator 

The Commission Calculator helps network marketing businesses to better manage their finances with accurate data on the commissions issued to salespersons. 

  • Compensation Management

The Compensation Management tool assists companies in designing a unique compensation plan that is better suited to their type of business. It also eliminates the complexity involved in companies choosing the right compensation package for their employees. 

  • Forecast Analytics

The Forecast Analytics feature allows MLM-based businesses to better understand their current financial position and provide them with insights to better position the business for the future by following current trends in marketing. 

  • E-commerce Integration 

The most fundamental feature that customers are looking for in any MLM software these days is its ability to support E-commerce platforms. E-commerce integration is important for direct marketing businesses to promote their products and services online to a larger global audience. 

  • Security and Compliance 

Since online transactions are subject to various types of hacking and phishing attacks, MLM software must possess sophisticated security tools that can seal off any leaks and protect customers’ data from being exposed to cybersecurity threats. 

  • Genealogy Tree

This feature allows companies using MLM programs to have a birds-eye view of their business operation and organizational structure. Genealogy Tree provides the hierarchy with all details about the company’s operations, ranging from financial transactions to the number of employees. 

  • Administrative Back Office

The administrative back office function contained in MLM software allows top-level executives in the company to supervise and manage the entire business operation from a single place. 

  • Distributor Tools

This feature helps the admin or the persons in charge of handling the software to compile performance reports, make compensation plans, manage the sales network, and calculate commission. Distributor tools are necessary for the smooth functioning of the business by overseeing projects and rendering timely action. 

Now, Which Is The Top MLM software of the year?

Since you now have a clear idea of what MLM software is, what features come with them, and how they function, It is time to take a look at the top multi-level marketing software of the year.

Here is the list of top MLM software for the year 2023.

1. Best MLM

Best MLM should be your go-to multi-level marketing software if you are looking to launch an automated network marketing business. The platform can be customized to fit the customers’ business needs and uses the best-in-class technologies to support operations.

An important feature of Best MLM is that it can efficiently accommodate an infinite number of users, compensation plans, transactions, and genealogy trees. The software also offers e-commerce integration, digital marketing training, and personal development plans for digital marketing businesses. 

Additionally, Best MLM supports multicurrency and multipayment options via debit/credit cards, PayPal, OpenCart, and Magneto. The software has API and commission engine integration for better accessibility and easier payouts.

Best MLM gives businesses real-time data on their financial status and is embedded with promotional tools that are guaranteed to attract more distributors to customers’ network marketing business. 

The software also offers high-tech security features to ensure that customers’ data and their businesses are well protected against cyberattacks.

Best MLM’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI) will give businesses better insight into distributors’ performances and help identify their key aspects.

The team collaboration tools enable easy communication within the business network through internal messaging, group messaging, appointments, and more. 

2. Epixel MLM

Epixel MLM is a highly customizable multi-level marketing software package that caters to the demands of direct selling and network marketing businesses. The scalable software is designed using advanced programming technologies like Golang and Node.js. 

The program has a wide array of compensation plans that offer innovative tools such as distributors’ back office, administrative back office, distributor tools, promotional tools, and templates to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Epixel provides extended service and customer support for E-commerce, affiliate marketing, CRM, and LMS systems

The software’s interface comes with a dashboard that provides businesses with a complete overview of their team’s performance, sales insights, and commission analytics.

The system is able to analyze demographic and geographic patterns to suggest and derive market trends that help business owners to evolve their marketing strategies accordingly. 

The genealogy tree shows users a comprehensive view of the team’s achievements and the commission engine automates commission and bonus payouts without error using real-time processing methods. 

Epixel also has a mobile application that enhances accessibility and convenience for users. 

3. Infinite MLM

Infinite MLM is a multi-level marketing software that is suitable for all types of network marketing businesses that employ binary, uni-level, matrix, donation, and hybrid compensation plans. 

The platform allows customers to manage their sales downlines, financial calculations, backup, and payments among other operations. Moreover, businesses can make use of Infinite MLM’s professional promotional tools to handle marketing campaigns, send messages for social invites, and schedule alerts for recruitments, birthdays, and payouts. 

The easy-to-use MLM software also allows companies to define role-based permissions, monitor company-wide activities, use genealogy trees to view marketing activities, and also generate reports in CSV, Excel, or PDF files. 

Inventory monitoring, customizable branding, predetermined templates, and lead management are among the other features. Infinite MLM users can also use a centralized site to securely accept credit and debit card swipes, online gateways, and eWallet payments.

Infinite MLM also supports integration with third-party E-commerce systems such as Magneto, PayPal, and OpenCart. The software is available under a subscription plan that starts from $950 and also has mobile and email support. 

4. Cloud MLM

Cloud MLM is a multi-level marketing software that allows direct-selling companies to create and manage network marketing processes utilizing various tactics such as social media marketing and compensation schemes.

The platform built on the Laravel PHP framework offers a multi-currency module that allows businesses to make and receive payments in various currencies with support for multiple payment gateways.

Cloud MLM has a cloud ticket system using which professionals can raise support requests, assign tasks to team members, and be notified of all activities that are taking place.

Administrators can utilize the autoresponder feature to send scheduled emails to clients and team members, simplifying the communication process. 

Cloud MLM also comes with an application programming interface(API) with open-source back-end catching technologies that allow businesses to integrate the platform with third-party e-commerce platforms such as OpenCart and Magneto, distributor software, and SMS and social media marketing services. 

The network marketing software is available with a one-time payment of $750. Interested users can also test out a free version of the MLM platform under a free trial. 

5. MultiSoft MLM

MultiSoft MLM is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) network marketing platform with a host of features that can help grow your direct selling business to the next level. 

Every client gets a replicated website that can be customized with their contact information, pictures, and social media links.

They also get real-time back offices that show information about distributors, customers, sales, commission history, genealogy, and more. The MLM software supports Binary, Matrix, Uni-level, and Hybrid compensation plans with daily, weekly, or monthly payout. 

Additionally, MultiSoft MLM supports more than 85 payment gateways and has third-party API integrations for distributors, lead generators, commission payments, e-commerce platforms, and SMS service providers.

The software also has multi-lingual support where customers can use the service in 20 languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Danish, German, and Hebrew. 

MultiSoft MLM is available under a subscription model with the basic plan starting at $499 and increases in price depending on whether the customer chose the Starter, Professional, Enterprise, or International plan. 

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