Reviving Vasayo’s MLM Venture: Daniel Picou Takes Charge After Company Shutdown

Daniel Picou To Lead Reboot Of Vasayo's MLM Opportunity After Company's Closure

Experts claim that the direct selling industry started in the United States with firms like Avon, which launched its first opportunity for representatives in 1886. After Avon, Stanley Home Products established the standard “party plan” for selling in 1930. Tupperware joined the model in 1951, and Mary Kay Cosmetics followed in 1963.

Daniel Picou To Lead Reboot Of Vasayo’s MLM Opportunity After Company’s Closure

Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Vasayo is a direct sales organization. The company primarily provides goods encouraging everyday rejuvenation, wellness, and beauty for passionate people seeking plenty in life.

On or around February 11th, Vasayo announced its distributors were shutting down their MLM opportunity. The news was made over a Zoom webinar, a clip that none could locate. But here’s what few were able to figure out, thanks to a tip from an anonymous reader. 

The Story So Far and The Updates:

Vasayo first debuted in 2016. Dallin Larsen, the creator of Monavie, and his wife Karree created the business. Vasayo’s MLM operations were shut down for an unknown reason. In November 2022, SimilarWeb counted 22,000 visits to Vasayo’s website. In January 2023, it increased to $28,000. 

Regarding the closure, neither Dallin Larsen nor Vasayo corporate has made any public statements. Instead, a 50% off discount is promoted on Vasayo’s website.

According to several distributors of Vasayo’s social media posts, Daniel Picou purchased the Larsens. Daniel Picou is listed as Vasayo’s co-founder and CEO. I have no doubts about it, yet when I looked into Vasayo’s premiere in 2016, I didn’t find Picou. 

Picou was said to be a “very private individual” by Dallin Larsen throughout a Vasayo conference in May 2020. The Prelaunch for whatever Picou has in mind is set to begin on February 20th. 

A revival of an old MLM organization can take longer than a week to get up, so Vasayo’s downfall has probably been anticipated for some time. According to reports, Picou’s Vasayo revival will officially premiere sometime in June. 

The name of Daniel Picou’s new business, “Three,” is strange. “iii. Earth” is the domain from which Three operates.

Update: Vasayo’s official YouTube account was shut down on March 8th, 2023. The original version of this video had a link to the Dallin Larsen and Daniel Picou-hosted Vasayo 2020 webinar. The previously available webinar link has been blocked due to Vasayo’s channel closure.

What Caused The Failure Primarily?

Further details regarding the termination of “Vasayo.” It was Dallin Larsen’s pet project that he co-founded with Daniel Picou and which was a dismal failure. Today it’s launching a brand-new business called Three, formed by Daniel Picou and utilizing many of the same Black Diamond field leadership from Vasayo. 

The former Vasayo leadership is trying to declare that the company has closed its doors and that we are now offering you a new, better opportunity. Yeah, and the founder played a significant role in the previous firm, Vasayo, which failed!

You may also have noticed that most of the higher-level leadership from the unsuccessful “Vasayo” is still in place. So, is there anything odd or compromising about that? Let’s dive deep and keep thinking:

  1. Why do these businesses make their comp plans so unclear? Even if 98% of new members are part-timers, isn’t it a full-time job only to process this plan? The majority will need help comprehending it so they won’t stay in the industry. What would motivate you to keep building if you needed to know how you were paid?
  2. The cost of the things is really expensive. The dreaded founder pack pitch is the worst, though. If you spend $2,000 on a founder pack, you will always be a founder and have access to a unique founders pool. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a limited-time promotion, so YIPPEE? Indeed, Vasayo attempted to pitch the same idea. How many people have profited from “Vasayo’s “founding pack, do you know? The doors were shut, so here is your response. Yet, only 5 of the thousands who spent almost $2,000 would have benefited if the company had succeeded.
  3. Since it is a binary compensation plan, this article will only detail some of its drawbacks. We will tell you this: find out how many businesses that offered binary programs are still around – WARNING: 98% of them are currently out of business. Avoid believing the “you just need two people” claim made by binary compensation plan firms. They truly mean to suggest that you only need two excellent networkers, and they must be on distinct legs, or your company would be huge on one side and dead on the other. That would mean you would make nothing.

The Key Takeaway From The Scene:

Calling this what it is. Vasayo shut down to escape their liability to their current distributors for volume, commissions, etc., and potential legal action. 

Why any current leader would continue in this circumstance is just a sign of despair. It’s shocking to learn that your group and income will disappear in a single day. So either you make this a brilliant idea, or you lose everything by selling it to the same unassuming downline. Regrettably, the downline distributors who will fall for this bad sales pitch and rejoin to pay their upline leader again are the ones who suffer the most.

Then they would approach a fresh person to pitch this new company, “Three,” as if the previous unethical behavior never occurred. 

Members of the leadership of the Black Diamond Vasayo, including Mark & Jill Ewell, Corbin & Holly Rush, Ricky & Francoise Untermeyer, Greg & Lori Ferraro, Amy & Shane Dunlap, and others, are currently trying to spin things in a positive light. It is the same thing when everyone else is losing again and getting paid! 

It’s bad that individuals like him are prepared to sell their souls to those who attempt to portray the entire transaction as positive. Because of this so-called leadership, many start to doubt the legitimacy of home-based businesses and networking programs.

Vasayo’s Stand – Review With Statistics:

Most new businesses fail. Doing it right and being completely legal and above board costs millions of dollars. Getting the right licensing, contracts, and rep agreements in place, developed, ethical, enforceable, and legal in all states they aim to do business with is difficult and expensive.

Even the rules and regulations that open up other nations are not considered. It might take months or even years unless they successfully change Vasayo’s name on the existing licenses. All new businesses frequently encounter regulators, state agencies, and other formidable impediments. All of this expense is money, time, legal counsel, etc.

Here is a well-known statistic regarding the networking sector. Most businesses in this sector only survive up to five years. In May 2017, Vasayo itself was formally introduced, and now, 5.5 years later, we are seeing its demise. Due to Vasayo closing its doors, the industry is not any worse for it. Every day, many franchises and small businesses fail despite having invested far more money than a distributor does. 

In Conclusion, ask yourself, why would we join a new business like Life Wise? Especially if we were aware of this fact regarding our sector. They have less leadership than a failing company like Vasayo. They are attempting to overcome those odds on, at best, a shoestring budget.

It’s great if someone wants to launch a home-based business! It is affordable, and many long-lasting companies offer opportunities to everyone. But let’s avoid deceiving people merely for financial gain. Let’s all act with integrity, character, and honesty.

Returning to the rest of the leadership, they will continue the same mess and use the post above, which is, at best, grossly deceptive. Many may believe this is something new with new leadership because of “partnering with some of the largest earners in the world,” but is this true? When the same upline attempts to profit by exciting a restart on the same downline. The post as a whole is plain dubious.

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