Zenith, Awakend’s Flagship Product, Is Criticized For Being Inefficient And Fraudulent

Awakend's Flagship Product Zenith Under Controversy For Ineffectiveness And Misleading Claims

Awakend’s weight loss supplement, Zenith, has failed to live up to its marketing hype, according to recent reports. The supplement was launched in 2022 as the flagship product of the multi-level marketing company, Awakend. However, the product has been plagued with controversy since its introduction.

Awakend is a multi-level marketing corporation that claims to enhance people’s health and financial success. However, the Federal Trade Commission has warned about this business model and how it can mask pyramid schemes.

Awakend’s Flagship Product Zenith Under Controversy For Ineffectiveness And Misleading Claims

Zenith claims to induce weight loss by reducing leptin levels, but recent reports indicate that the supplement has been ineffective since its release. A reduction in leptin triggers intense hunger, according to the experts, and there is no easy method to correct leptin levels.

Zenith, Awakend's Flagship Product, Is Criticized For Being Inefficient And Fraudulent

Furthermore, Awakend is currently embroiled in legal disputes over the formula’s ownership. The company released manipulated research to substantiate claims about Zenith, which was conducted on a previous version of the product made by another business. The study on the earlier version of the product also involved individuals who were in a calorie deficit and were advised to exercise in addition to taking the supplement.

The Story Continues

In mid-January 2023, the co-founder of Awakend disclosed that Zenith is being reformulated due to tests and research revealing that the capsules were not disintegrating correctly in the digestive system. Customers of Awakend have reported passing the supplement whole after consuming it. The company’s founders sought out third-party testing, which confirmed that the capsules were not breaking down at the right time in the body.

Awakend has promised to provide replacement products to everyone who has purchased Zenith, but the damage has already been done. The company failed to adequately test its product before launching it, relying on research conducted by other companies years ago rather than thoroughly evaluating its own finished product. This error has been discovered, but it is worth considering that there may be other inadequacies that have gone unnoticed.

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What Does This Indicate About The Discussed “Testimonials”?

The implications of this failure for the testimonials that have been shared are also significant. Distributors have been using this supplement and posting before and after images on social media extolling the virtues of Zenith. However, since the supplement was not properly digested, it has been widely criticized. If there are any effects, it seems unlikely that they are from the supplement itself.

The failure of Zenith raises questions about the legitimacy of Awakend’s claims and business practices. The Federal Trade Commission warns against multi-level marketing corporations, and this failure serves as a cautionary tale for consumers and potential distributors.

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