Cryptocurrency MLM Software – Blockchain-Based MLM!

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

In recent times, Multilevel marketing has become quite popular. This involves recruiting various people and building a network to sell any product or service. With the rise of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, this business has adopted a similar approach.

Understanding Cryptocurrency MLM Software: Features And Benefits

Many cryptocurrency MLM software has come up, where people can earn rewards by completing various tasks like recruiting different people and building a downline. As per the statistics by Statsicia, The MLM industry has more than 1 billion USD in turnover. Hence, if you are looking to start a new blockchain and crypto industry, you can explore creating cryptocurrency MLM software.

Understanding Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Services Offered By Best MLM Software On Blockchain

Some of the key features or services that you can offer to your customers are the following.

🔖 Multi-Currency Wallet

A multi-currency wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet, that stores the credentials of any user And allows them to sell or buy any cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more through this wallet on the cryptocurrency network. Any Bitcoin MLM program that wants to improve user experience and provide them with a one-stop shop must have this.

🔖 IEO/ICO Marketing Suite

For any blockchain project to succeed, marketing is quite important. With the use of cryptocurrency MLM software, you can help your customers to build marketing strategies with the help of ICO and IEO marketing suite to conduct the ICO or public sale of the tokens.

🔖 Direct Selling/MLM Program

For any MLM software, direct selling or Multilevel marketing is quite important. This tool would help the users to manage all their members and sell them the product. Also, it makes it quite easy to add new members, track sales and get complete information about the performance and strategies.

🔖 A Strategic Investment Module

Integration of the strategic investment module would help users to understand their earning potential and amplify it. Also,  It gives complete information about the growth of funds, and all the transactions are managed with the help of smart contracts.

🔖 Token Sales With ICO/IEO

Cryptocurrency MLM software helps users with the complete process of token sales through either an Initial coin offering or the IEO. This can even include, meeting people one-to-one and contacting them online through social media to sell them the tokens.

🔖 Cryptocurrency/Token Development

There are quite a few options for the users to either have their own token for MLM business or use some existing token. The best cryptocurrency MLM software has some primary features that fasten the process of ERC20 token development for any MLM business.

🔖 Increase Earnings With Blockchain

Generally, Cryptocurrency MLM businesses are more transparent than traditional MLM businesses. With the help of complete end-to-end cryptocurrency MLM software, it becomes quite easy to track and automate the transactions as per the strategies and optimize the profits.

Features Included In Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Cryptocurrency MLM software offers a variety of features that one should know. Following is a list of some of them.

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

👉 Security

Every cryptocurrency MLM leverages the key pillars of Blockchain technology such as decentralization, distributed which makes it quite secure and prevents any single point of failure.

👉 Multiple Payment Integration

Along with cryptocurrency payment gateway, one can use other payment gateways like Payment through net banking or the UPI.

👉 Member Management

Cryptocurrency MLM software makes it quite easy for the admin to maintain complete information about members and make any changes if required. All the database is publicly available hence, anyone can verify it and manage it without any hassle.

👉 Live Cryptocurrency Price Analysis

A lot of APIs are available that help to get the prices of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency MLM software can use such APIs as a plug-and-play tool to get real-time analysis of various cryptocurrency prices.

👉 Payout Compression

To balance out the earnings of the new members and existing members, cryptocurrency MLM software helps with payout compression. This is the feature that maintains the payouts for members of any level.

👉 Internationalization Tools

With the help of Internationalization tools, it becomes quite easy for business stakeholders, to get members from anywhere around the world. This can help your MLM business to reach new heights and make good profits.

 Pros & Cons Of Cryptocurrency MLM Software


  • It is highly secure software as it leverages blockchain technology at the backend which uses cryptography.
  • It offers quite a transparent view of the activities happening in the MLM business. All the transactions are easily accessible on the blockchain explorer of the blockchain on which it is deployed.
  • A transaction fee is quite low and has a high transaction throughput. All the transactions are processed within a fraction of a few minutes, unlike bank transactions.


  • In many countries, cryptocurrencies are not yet legal or have any regulations.
  • Once the transactions are made, it is quite difficult to revert them from the blockchain.
  • Cryptocurrency wallets are prone to hacking if private keys are not securely saved.

Final Verdict On Cryptocurrency MLM Software

With the increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, it has become quite essential to use crypto payment gateways for any MLM business.

Also, it offers a lot of benefits to the users to establish an end-to-end MLM business such as seamless token sales and development, high transaction throughput, security, and much more.

If you want to build a cryptocurrency MLM software then you can consult with MLM software experts and strategize its development.

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