Is Beautycounter An MLM?

Is Beautycounter An MLM

Beautycounter is a famous brand, especially for makeup enthusiasts. If you want to look perfect for the next ball, it is time to choose the best cosmetics. BeautyCounter offers amazing beauty products for hair and skin.

Therefore, the company mainly aims to help others to build their own businesses. Today, networking is one of the most significant industries operating in various parts of the world. Beautycounter is one of them, having an excellent reputation. 

Beautycounter Is An MLM Company Or A Pyramid Scheme? Analyzing The Fact

People often believe that this brand has a pyramid business structure. However, it is untrue as BeautyCounter announces it as an MLM. MLM refers to Multi-Level Marketing that allows the members to earn an attractive amount as a commission.

Beautycounter Is An MLM Company Or A Pyramid Scheme

Moreover, this structure also facilitates commission income from the downlines’ sales. Beautycounter meets all the conditions necessary for being an MLM.

If you want to know this structure in detail, consider reading this content till the end. 

Beautycounter Is Not A Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is associated with a particular hierarchy where the upper-level participants focus on recruiting more people under them. Making others join the team becomes the primary objective instead of selling the product.

Beautycounter Is Not A Pyramid Scheme

However, with Beautycounter, you will not find this scheme. Instead, the brand ensures that everybody earns money from the growing business, depending on the sales. So, you should better call it a Multi-Level Marketing strategy

How Does Beautycounter Works?

People can be skeptical before joining Beautycounter. They think the company will not pay them on time if they fail to recruit more people. However, if the consultants are ready to put serious efforts into their work, promising amounts are bound to come. 

Beautycounter specifies that the consultants can enhance their earnings as their recruits make sales. The consultants can order new products at a time of necessity. Most items are splendid for skin care, while others are makeup products. The company has different packages for the varieties available under both categories. 

How Does Beautycounter Works

However, you may not expect a wide range of Beautycounter products. Apart from the online shopping center, you may prefer to keep your products at the store. Several local customers will get interested in purchasing from this physical location soon.

The pop-events of the MLM companies also open innovative chances to spread your business. Therefore, you have multiple opportunities to earn good commission. It is possible only when you have proper strategies to convince more people to be your downline.

The relationships between upline and downline are the primary reasons for the success of any networking business

Beautycounter promises that the consultants can earn a 10 to 15 percent commission if they concentrate more on sales. However, the results can be pleasing if you recruit people under you. This is the ultimate motive of any business person when they enter Beautycounter.

Beautycounter Working

Overrides on your recruits’ sales can show you how much potential you have to enlarge your business. Concentrate on team building process who give enough efforts for selling too.

Therefore, it is evident that Beautycounter operates on the basis of the MLM business structure. It does not follow the Pyramid scheme where recruitment is more important than sales. This company is perfect for you if you are more interested in selling the products. 

Joining Strategy For BeautyCounter

The country where you reside will decide the amount necessary to invest for Beautycounter to join. Hence, it is never the same for all places. The lowest starter kit cost in the United States is $79. However, if you take that package, you will not get enough products to sell.

Instead, some sample envelopes are the only content in this kit. You may be in a condition to start the business by investing in the digital business launch kit. In America, it costs around $50. A combination of this kit along with the starter package will be ideal to go ahead with the business.

The newcomers get a 6-month trial period to try their capacity in the selling business. The unsuccessful candidates in this window have to back out of the program. 

Now, you may have a very vital question in mind. Where to buy the kit from? Is there any particular procedure for that? We have the perfect answer ready to satisfy our knowledge thirst. You need to create a unique account in your name with Beautycounter.

Joining Strategy For BeautyCounter

A link will appear on the menu on the webpage. Click on this link and enroll yourself in the program you prefer. Scroll through the different starter packs and other exclusive retail programs. 

Invest in a regular starter pack which includes different materials to facilitate business. They are training resources, product samples, and other materials necessary. So, focus on your sales if you want to earn more commission.

It is essential to understand the advantages of your products first to convince others. Reiterating the benefits you faced is more appealing to other people. So, keep your personal stories ready to influence more people to join the program. The combined efforts for recruiting new persons and making considerable sales are the key factors for success.

Beautycounter is one of the best MLM enterprises available in the market today. The minimum amount to start with is around $176. However, $126 is the lowest amount for the starter kit with sufficient retail products. 

Why Prefer BeautyCounter As An MLM?

You may prefer BeautyCounter or have your own reasons to avoid this MLM. However, several celebrities are also regular users of their products. Moreover, many of them are active members of Beautycounter. They also share multiple experiences explaining the benefits of the business.

Some top actresses like Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, and others express their happiness in using these products. However, this may not be enough to judge the quality of Beautycounter programs or its products. Celebrities can appear in any ad or provide testimonials for any product if they get sufficient payment. 

Why Prefer BeautyCounter As An MLM

If you want a genuine review, ask any ordinary person who has used the products. Personal experiences are the biggest evidence to ensure whether a product is appropriate. Most beauty-conscious people have advocated in favor of the incredible quality of Beautycounter products. They are harmless and do not include toxic chemicals in the product. They always put emphasis on doing business with “Clean Beauty.” 

A list of around 1800 ingredients is in the Never Use policy of Beautycounter. You can mention these positive points along with the testimonials of the actresses in your sales pitch. This will indeed work like magic making more people convinced about the products and the brand. Safety and hygiene are the primary factors everybody looks up to while purchasing a new product. 

Furthermore, the cautiousness is more after the pandemic. Focus on your statements involving the positive points about the product. Include the process of sustainable manufacturing and the ethical environment. These facts will indeed attract people obsessed with cleanliness. 


True and dedicated efforts can ensure earning good money from Beautycounter. The above discussion clarifies the potential to make money is relatively high in this MLM business. Unlike the Pyramid schemes, here you get the opportunity to earn commissions on higher sales.

Moreover, the company has innovative strategies to simplify business for the new reps. The 6-month program prepares you for making lucrative sales in the upcoming time. 

Beautycounter thinks about the benefits to the customers by selling only hygienic products. Tell the makeup fanatics, and they will just go crazy about these fabulous products. Some may find the products overpriced.

However, it is your responsibility to adequately explain the features, pricing policy, and cost-effectiveness. Always speak in a convincing style and be confident about your products. Share your personal views and show the results that made you believe in the products.

Practical demonstrations and positive feedback from a known person can definitely compel people to choose the brand. 

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